Jimmy Lee Shreeve Biography

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Jimmy Lee Shreeve is a bestselling cult author and journalist. His books include "How To Be Famous" (Orion), the cult classic "Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook" (St Martin’s Press), "Cannibals" (John Blake), "Blood Rites" (Random House), and "Human Sacrifice" (Barricade).

Jimmy’s byline and work has appeared in over 1000 newspapers, magazines and online media all over the world, including The Independent, Financial Times, Sunday Express, The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, Mail On Sunday, Best Magazine, Chat, How To Spend It, Maxim, Front, and The Sun.

He has made numerous appearances on talk radio and on TV in Europe and the U.S. Discover more about Jimmy at JimmyLeeShreeve.com

As Dr. Snake, he is author of "Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook", published in the USA by St. Martin's Press and in the UK by Connections. With evocative illustrations by Chris Daunt, the book has sold over 100,000 copies and has been described as "Carlos Castaneda meets deep south hoodoo."

Jimmy's DoktorSnake.com is a very popular website, offering voodoo spells, charms and psychic readings "for all your needs."

How I Found the Agency

I was staring doom in the face. And Andrew turned out to be the cavalry coming over the hillside to save the day. I was a journalist and had written one book as "Doktor Snake" and thought I could get a new book deal (as me) by representing myself. After all I was good at self-promotion and my stuff was in national newspapers. But it didn't work out and it looked like my career as an author was all washed up. But after signing up with Andrew in Spring 2005, he got me a nice deal with Random House, along with a very nice advance. Only thing now is I gotta write the book...

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