The Ultimate Man Diet
Jimmy Lee Shreeve

The Ultimate Man Diet

The Ultimate Man Diet outlines a diet and fitness plan 100% guaranteed to create a lean and muscular body. The book makes no bones about being for men only. Right from the outset, it says we should forget faddy diets like the GI Diet, Atkins, South Beach and Detox. Not just because they’re ultimately unhealthy and hard to stick to. But also because they simply don’t appeal to guys.

The Ultimate Man Diet gives you a healthy and effective alternative to these diets. It guides you step-by-step through a revolutionary diet and fitness programme that is based on natural ways of eating and exercising from our ancient past. There is no need for diet gimmicks and no need for expensive gym memberships. Yet the results are nothing short of startling.

The Ultimate Man Diet is based on ground-breaking scientific research showing that we should be eating like our hunter gatherer ancestors - lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit (no grains, beans or dairy products). The astounding truth, as shown by the fossil record, is our caveman ancestors were not only slim, lean, fit and healthy, but they did not suffer from many of the diseases that plague us today, such as cancer, allergies, and heart disease.

What’s more, providing they were not killed by a wild beast while hunting or struck down by illness, they had a similar lifespan to modern humans. The big difference was they stayed fit, active and slim right to the very end.

The author - a writer and journalist - relates how he shook off the beginnings of middle-aged spread and built a lean and muscular body within six months using ancient diet and fitness secrets. Plus he demonstrates how men, whatever their age or current state of fitness, can do the same. “It works whatever age you are and it’s great if you have a sedentary job, which is the case for most of us today,” he says. “The amazing thing is you get results within a couple of weeks - the flab literally falls off and you feel great.”

Shreeve shows how - by eating all the lean meats, fish, fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables you want - you can lose weight and prevent and treat many illnesses, such as allergies, heart disease, and osteoporosis. He provides dozens of delicious, easy-to-prepare caveman style recipes, including Chili, Curry, Pork & Apple Stir Fry, and Fried Chicken, along with tasty appetisers and desserts.

He also outlines a powerful, easy-to-learn six-week exercise plan that compliments your new diet and can be done at home at minimum expense. Twenty minutes a day is all it takes to build a lean and muscular body.

By following The Ultimate Man Diet men can eat and exercise their way to weight loss, weight control, increased energy, and lifelong health and fitness while enjoying every minute of it .

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Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Jimmy Lee Shreeve is a bestselling cult author and journalist. His books include "How To Be Famous" (Orion), the cult classic "Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook" (St Martin’s Press), "Cannibals" (John Blake), "Blood Rites" (Random House), and "Human Sacrifice" (Barricade).Jimmy’s byline and work has appeared in over 1000 newspapers, magazines and online media all over the world, including The Independent, Financial Times, Sunday Express, The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, Mail On Sunday, Best Magazine, Chat, How To Spend It, Maxim, Front, and The Sun.He has made ...
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