Prisoner of Grace
Joyce Cary

Prisoner of Grace

The first volume of the second trilogy ( Except the Lord and Not Honour More follow) is about Chester Nimmo, a Radical politician who considers himself to be divinely inspired and Nina torn between her love for him and for her soldier cousin Jim Latter. Earthy and full-blooded, both innocent and wise, we find in her a woman as sensuous as Emma Bovary, as ravaged as Anna Karenina.

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  • Author: Joyce Cary
  • Published Year: 1952
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Stratus
    • UK: Faber
Joyce Cary

Joyce Cary

Joyce Cary was born in 1888 into an old Anglo-Irish family and educated at Clifton. He studied art, first in Edinburgh and then in Paris , before going up to Trinity College, Oxford, in 1909 to read law. On coming down he served as a Red Cross orderly in the Balkan War of 1912-13,the inspiration for Memoir of the Bobotes , before joining the Nigerian Political Service. He served in the Nigeria Regiment during the First World War, was wounded while fighting in the Cameroons, and returned to civil duty in Nigeria in 1917 as a district officer. His time in Africa provided the inspiration for h...
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Book Reviews

  • "The most powerful novel he’s written."
    Walter Allen
  • "Delicately ribald and unfailingly shrewd."