Daddy's Little Secret: Pregnant at 14 and there’s only one man who can be the father…
Katy Weitz, Tina Davis

Daddy's Little Secret: Pregnant at 14 and there’s only one man who can be the father…


'I hated the thought of his child growing inside me...but at least I'd soon have somebody to love and, finally, somebody to love me back.'

Tina has never had a stable upbringing. Aged seven, she has a paranoid schizophrenic for a mother and her father is a distant memory. So when Tina gets a new step-dad, who lavishes sweets and cuddles upon her, she feels wanted for the first time ever.

Sadly, her new daddy isn't all that he seems. He begins to sexually abuse Tina, using chilling threats to scare her into silence.

Tina is so terrified, she even gives birth to four of her stepfather's children without breathing a word. Her world becomes so warped the cruelty she endures seems normal. Until eventually, the tragic death of one of her innocent children makes her see otherwise...

This is the inspiring true story of how a frightened little girl grew into a fighter and finally found the strength to escape the man who stole her childhood.

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  • Author: Katy Weitz, , Tina Davis
  • On Submission
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Ebury
Katy Weitz,

Katy Weitz,

Katy Weitz believes that most people have an extraordinary story to tell and she specialises in bringing them to the public's attention. She started her career as a Feature Writer on the national newspapers 18 years ago and within a few short years, rose to become Features Editor. In 2005 she left to set up her own real-life story agency First Features Ltd and since then has sold stories to all parts of the national and international press as well as television. With a remarkable empathy for her clients, she quickly saw that some had stories which couldn’t be told completely in 1500 w...
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Tina Davis

Tina Davis

Tina Davis endured the most horrific abuse imaginable as a child at the hands of her stepfather. She went on to have four of his children, hidden away in the warped world he had created for her, silenced by his chilling threats. Eventually she managed to escape and put her abuser behind bars. After she was reunited with her children Tina started to write about her experiences and Daddy’s Little Secret was published by Ebury in 2011. It has so far sold 80,000 copies. Tina Davis is a pseudonym – she cannot be identified to protect her family. Since gaining her freedom, Tina has fo...
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