Nazis, Communists and Spies: The Secret History of Germany After Hitler
Luke Daly-Groves

Nazis, Communists and Spies: The Secret History of Germany After Hitler

Nazis, Communists and Spies is the first narrative history of occupied Germany to focus on espionage, a secret history of shootouts, deception, torture, murder, Nazis, Communists, soldiers and spies. 


Throughout 1945-1955, Allied intelligence officers waged a secret war against Nazism and Communism in a fight to build a new democratic Germany. This book is based on thousands of recently discovered secret intelligence files packed full of untold stories of the secret war for democracy which the western Allies waged against Nazis and Communists in post-war Germany.


Espionage in Cold War Berlin has long fascinated audiences. But Berlin was just one city in battleground Germany - a world of spies and intrigue. That world is revealed here in unprecedented detail.


This is the first book to combine perspectives from all the secret intelligence organisations of the occupying powers into one engaging narrative. To do this it will use files from a forgotten secret committee in which British, American, French and Soviet intelligence officers met regularly.


The stakes for spies in occupied Germany were high. Anglo-American agents were literally trying to prevent World War Three and a Nazi revival. Their rivals in the East were trying to further Communism and often favoured death over capture. The outcome of this secret battle shaped the Germany we know today.

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Luke   Daly-Groves

Luke Daly-Groves

Dr Luke Daly-Groves is an  historian of modern Europe, a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, a Lecturer in History at the University of Central Lancashire and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.   Luke’s publications include  Hitler’s Death: The Case Against Conspiracy . He has written for New Statesman, The Spectator, History of War, The American, Literary Review and Dan Snow’s History Hit. Luke has appeared on podcasts and filmed interviews with Guy Walters, Dan Snow, James Holland, Al Murray, and Roger Moorhouse. 
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