The Sea Devils : Britain’s Last and Most Daring Raid of World War II
Mark Felton

The Sea Devils : Britain’s Last and Most Daring Raid of World War II


July 1945 – only two things stand between Britain and the recapture of Singapore: a pair of gigantic Japanese warships sitting imperiously in the Johor Strait, their enormous guns dominating all sea and land approaches to the island. King George VI’s cousin, Lord Mountbatten, the man who sent in the Cockleshell Heroes in 1942, orders the ships destroyed – at any cost.


  • Eight British sailors volunteer to take out the Japanese warships in an operation so risky that few are expected to return alive


  • Using two XE-Craft midget submarines loaded with limpet mines and explosives, the X Men infiltrate 40 miles of heavily-defended enemy waters and attack the Japanese ships in the heart of the enemy war machine


  • At the same time, ten more X Men in two more XE-Craft are sent on incredibly difficult and dangerous missions to sever Singapore’s communications with Tokyo


  • If caught, the X Men face horrific torture and execution by the Japanese


  • The X Men, risking a horrible death at every minute aboard primitive submarines, manage to overcome every ingenious Japanese defence and reach the inner harbour after 11 hours of playing cat-and-mouse with the enemy


  • Deadly drama ensues as the X Craft commence their attacks…It will be Britain’s most successful raid of World War II but is soon tragically forgotten in the euphoria of a sudden Japanese surrender just three weeks later


  • The Sea Devils:  Britain’s Last and Most Daring Raid of World War II is The Cockleshell Heroes with submarines! X Men resurrects a forgotten story of epic endurance, courage and tenacity by a group of young but extremely tough special forces, taking readers into the tense and claustrophobic action of a mission most thought impossible and probably suicidal

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Mark Felton

Mark Felton

Being born in the army garrison town of Colchester in 1974, it was perhaps inevitable that Mark Felton should develop an interest in military history. After university and a stint in the civil service he later gained a master’s degree and a PhD at the University of Essex. After working as a university lecturer he moved with his wife to China in 2005 where he  continued to teach. He has authored over a dozen books, many receiving national and international attention and also writes regularly for several major history magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. After living and wor...
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  • "Felton cranks up the tension as he traces the fortunes of all involved, from the call-out for Royal Navy volunteers for "special and hazardous service" through to the missions' dramatic conclusion ."
    Sydney Morning Herald