Mark Felton Biography

Mark Felton

Being born in the army garrison town of Colchester in 1974, it was perhaps inevitable that Mark Felton should develop an interest in military history. After university and a stint in the civil service he later gained a master’s degree and a PhD at the University of Essex.

After working as a university lecturer he moved with his wife to China in 2005 where he  continued to teach.

He has authored over a dozen books, many receiving national and international attention and also writes regularly for several major history magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.

After living and working in Shanghai for almost a decade, he now lives in Colchester with his wife and son."

How I Found the Agency

I discovered the name ‘Andrew Lownie’ after reading Renegades: Hitler’s Englishmen by Adrian Weale. I had already written several military history books, and I wanted to find an agent with a great reputation in my field. After reading some of the fantastic advice articles on Andrew’s website, he seemed very approachable. Encouraged by Andrew’s website, and keen to take my career to a new level, I decided to approach him with a new and exciting project. Andrew contacted me back immediately, asking for a detailed synopsis and a sample chapter. At every stage of an idea’s development Andrew is closely involved, helping the author improve and revise the synopsis. He is so encouraging and responsive, always answering emails quickly and comprehensively, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

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