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Sheridan Simove

Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove is a performer, author and novelty gift entrepreneur who believes that "when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures - if you follow the idea through...". Shed's passion is to tackle things that have never been done before - and his own ideas can be for anything, ranging from ‘adult sweets’, TV shows, gifts, or his own currency. These astonishing true-life stories - plus his tips for how to make anything you desire come to life - feature in his groundbreaking books, performances and corporate speeches...

Shed has sold over a million novelty gifts worldwide and is the author of ‘Ideas Man’, ‘Presents Money Can’t Buy’ and the worldwide bestseller ‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’ a two hundred page totally blank book that became a top fifty Amazon bestseller within one week of being released. He also changed his name to God, studied Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, posed as a sixteen year old pupil when he was thirty (for a TV documentary that landed him on the front pages) and his favourite dish is slow cooked whole globe artichoke.

How I Found the Agency

Blame Mark Zuckerberg. After bucking the pull of ‘Facebook’ for years, I finally gave in, signed up, and what a pivotal decision that proved to be. As well as making it easy to spread the word about my books, products and performances, it also allows me to post questions on my profile, like the life-changing one that said “Help! Do you know a brilliant LITERARY AGENT?”. Lo and behold – within minutes, someone I’d recently connected with recommended Andrew. We quickly met, and I was immediately struck by his huge warmth, mammoth intelligence, phenomenal expertise and enormous passion for the medium. Plus, he never looked down on me for writing a blank book! And the rest, as they say - is a meeting of minds, a stimulating adventure and massive success... How wonderfully exciting...

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