Success…Or Your Money Back!
Sheridan Simove

Success…Or Your Money Back!

Success…Or Your Money Back! is a short, powerful book packed full of groundbreaking techniques enabling the reader to achieve anything they desire. Shed Simove shares the  'secrets to success' that he's developed over twenty years in all areas of his career, including TV Production, Gift Retailing, Book Publishing and Inspirational Speaking. 

To date, Simove has sold over a million products worldwide, has produced various high profile TV shows and recently even got a blank book called 'What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex' to the top of the Amazon charts. 

Success…Or Your Money Back!' is both a punchy treatise for business success and also an essential personal development tool for anyone wishing to succeed in day-to-day life.  


Book Details:

  • Author: Sheridan Simove
  • Published Year: 2012
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Hay House
    • Czech Republic: Ottovo
    • Slovakia: Ottovo
Sheridan Simove

Sheridan Simove

Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove is a performer, author and novelty gift entrepreneur who believes that "when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures - if you follow the idea through...". Shed's passion is to tackle things that have never been done before - and his own ideas can be for anything, ranging from ‘adult sweets’, TV shows, gifts, or his own currency. These astonishing true-life stories - plus his tips for how to make anything you desire come to life - feature in his groundbreaking books, performances and corporate speeches...Shed has sold ...
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Book Reviews

  • "The chapters themselves are concise and written with wit, a quality that many of the books sharing a shelf with this book in Waterstones lack."
    The Kernel
  • ""I love this book. It's funny, intelligent, simple, and above all else, full of great advice and thinking. I really like the author's style and approach to life. I found myself agreeing with so much. I highly recommend it. In fact I have started giving copies of this book to others to inspire them"   "Shed takes us on a wonderful adventure through his thought processes and experiences showing how he programs himself for success. Lots of great tips, tools and stories. For anyone interested in making ideas happen this book provides great insight and inspiration. I think this would be of particular value to anyone who is at the start of their career or looking  for a new challenge."   "This book is inspiring, motivational and absolutely what you need to kick start your brain in Jan! It's cleverly written and so positive that if nothing else, it's guaranteed to make you smile. BUY NOW!"   "I read lots of entrepreneurial or motivational books and didn't expected anything super fresh in this one. But I was wrong. Shed's sense of humor and extraordinary way of seeing things takes you on the next level of creativity."   "I have quoted this book so many times in the last 2 months i should be on commission! Its full of brilliant simple and effective ways to change your thinking toward business and the way you approach starting something new. Very inspiring to me as a business woman but also as a parent, i shall be passing on the 'experiment' wisdom to my kids.""
    Amazon reviews