Susan Ottaway Biography

Susan Ottaway

Susan Ottaway was born in Windsor, brought up in Egham and educated at Sir William Perkins's Girls School in nearby Chertsey. The daughter of an aircraft engineer, she has had a lifelong enthusiasm for aeroplanes and books. She worked for four different airlines over a period of 20 years, mainly in the UK but also in Germany and Australia, and wrote her first book, a biography of Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC, before leaving the world of aviation. She then worked as a freelance editor and has since written six more books.

How I Found the Agency

A year or so ago, after having had several frustrating, unsatisfactory and exhausting experiences sorting out my own book deals, I realized that if I wanted to continue writing, and keep my sanity, I would need to find an agent. I began looking through the relevant section of the Writers and Artists Yearbook and hadn't gone very far when I found Andrew's name. Having looked at his website which was full of valuable information, and subscribed to the agency newsletters, I instinctively felt that this was the person I wanted to work with. When we eventually met I knew that my instinct had been correct. Andrew was friendly, encouraging and very helpful – everything I had hoped for – and I am absolutely thrilled that he has agreed to take me on.