Looking Through You: The Beatles Book Monthly Photo Archive
Tom Adams

Looking Through You: The Beatles Book Monthly Photo Archive

For almost 40 years The Beatles Book Monthly documented every aspect of the Beatles’ lives.  Long before Hello and OK! TBBM had cameras trained on the Fab Four following their every move.  The magazine, now a collector’s item, tracked Beatlemania’s rise, covering concerts around the UK, Europe and America, tv shows, on the set of Help and Hard Day’s Night, the recording of classic tracks in Abbey Road, and even the boys relaxing in their own homes.

The magazine team was a trusted member of the Beatles inner circle, and so was able to be there at many of the key moments – professional and personal.  Many of the photoshoots were exclusive.

Tom Adams, a lifelong Beatles fan, now has access to the Beatles Book Magazine photo archive of around 3000 images.  This coffee table book of beautiful black and white images will take the best of that archive to document the Beatles’ career from the year of their first single, 1963, to the final Beatles Book Monthly photoshoot in 1968.

Book Details:

  • Author: Tom Adams
  • Published Year: 2015
  • Rights Sold
    • UK: Omnibus
    • Germany: Gut Pottscheidt
    • Japan: Shinko
    • Czech Republic: Dobrovsky
    • France: Hugo et Cie
Tom Adams

Tom Adams

Tom Adams is an award winning television producer and author.  He was born in Yorkshire but now lives in Sevenoaks in Kent.  As a producer he has made documentaries on everything from David Livingstone (I presume) to the Berlin Wall, from the Seven Wonders of the World to the Industrial Revolution.  He was inspired to turn his hand to writing children’s books rather than for television, after his eldest son, then 5, started asking questions like ‘how do arms work?’  He now has three children’s interactive science books to his name: Feel the Force,...
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