Bird: Three extraordinary flights. One extraordinary woman
Douglas Wight, Tracey Curtis-Taylor

Bird: Three extraordinary flights. One extraordinary woman

Tracey Curtis-Taylor created headlines around the world with three epic flights in a 1942 Boeing Stearman biplane. Paying homage to two historic female aviators, she flew from Cape Town to Goodwood in 2013, from London to Australia in 2015 and, two years later, completed a transcontinental flight across the USA, after surviving a plane crash during the expedition.

But her daring exploits came at a huge personal cost.

For the first time and with searing honesty, Tracey tells, in breath-taking detail, the remarkable story of how she overcame extreme adversity to complete her three epic journeys.

In Bird, her unique and action-packed memoir, she also tells how she cheated death twice – once in a high-speed boating accident and again when her historic Stearman crashed in the Arizona desert; how her unconventional upbringing sparked her spirit of adventure; and how she fulfilled her dreams only after overcoming a series of near-critical setbacks.


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  • Author: Douglas Wight, , Tracey Curtis-Taylor
  • Published Year: 2023
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Douglas Wight,

Douglas Wight,

Douglas Wight is the author or ghostwriter of fifteen non-fiction books, most recently Son of Escobar (Ad Lib, 2020) an Amazon number 1 bestseller, The Bad Room (Harper Element, 2020), Into the Bear Pit (Arena Sport, 2020) and Against My Will (Harper Element, 2020). His previous books include The Laundry Man (Penguin, 2012), the memoir of Ken Rijock, a Miami-based money launderer for Colombian drug smugglers; the autobiography of Olympic gold medal winning hockey player Sam Quek (White Owl, 2018), which was long-listed for the Telegraph Sports Autobiography of the Year 2019; Unforgivable (...
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Tracey Curtis-Taylor

Tracey Curtis-Taylor

Tracey Curtis-Taylor was born in Stamford, Lincolnshire in 1962, but raised in the wilds of British Columbia, with her three siblings, after their restless father took his family to Canada in 1964 for eight years before returning to England to set up a pizza restaurant in Appleby, Westmorland. Educated at the local state schools, she was interviewed for Oxford but, when that did not lead to an offer of a place, she rejected university in favour of joining her older sister in London. There, she worked as a trainee diamond sorter for De Beers and in the Foreign Office until 1982, when she qu...
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