Your Money: : 50 ways to grow it in difficult times
David Craig

Your Money: : 50 ways to grow it in difficult times

The years since the 2008 financial crash have been disappointing or even disastrous for many people with savings in places like banks, shares, unit trusts, pensions and annuities.

 It’s difficult to find a bank account that will beat inflation; shares are far below the level they reached ten to fifteen years ago; there are hardly any unit trusts that come anywhere near achieving the mouth-watering growth regularly trumpeted in the unit trust ads in the Money sections of our weekend newspapers; some savers are learning that their pension savings haven’t increased at all for many years and annuity rates are so low that today’s retirees are lucky if they’re getting even half the income they had been led to expect during the many years they diligently paid into their pension funds.

So, what should savers do? And can they really still grow their money when there seem to be so few opportunities available?

The days of easy growth for our savings are definitely over. But savers can still get good returns from their money provided they learn to adapt to the new, tougher, post-crisis savings and investment environment. Your Money: 50 ways to grow it in difficult times shows how we can all improve the way we manage our money so that we can both survive and thrive in spite of today’s more difficult times.

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David Craig

For over 20 years, David Craig has worked for and competed against some of the world's best and worst management consultancies. He has sold consulting in 15 countries in Europe, US and Asia to almost 100 organizations, including Disney, Mobil, Dupont, Roche, Air France, Eurotunnel, The NHS, CapGemini, Unilever and many others. He is the author of four other books on management and organizations
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