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  • Oct 23 2014: Good review for Louisa Treger

    ‘You will find yourself immersed in the lives and situations drawn together by Treger… If you enjoy history, romance and biographies, this would be a perfect fit for your library.’ Seattle PI

  • Oct 22 2014: Nice review for Roger Howard in Eye Spy magazine


  • Oct 22 2014: Fascinating new article - How I Write

    There’s a fascinating new article on the website, in which 23 of the agency’s authors outline the minutiae of their writing habits.

    How I Write

  • Oct 22 2014: Cathy Glass remains at no 3

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass who remains at no 3 in the Sunday Times paperback non-fiction list with The Child Bride.

  • Oct 21 2014: Vikie Shanks speaks at NHS conference

    The video of Vikie Shanks’ talk at the NHS conference at Warwick University is now available to watch online here.

  • Oct 21 2014: Some pics from The Lodger launch party

    This week saw the launch of Louisa Treger’s debut novel The Lodger, an event marked with a glamorous launch party at the Cafe Royal.


  • Oct 21 2014: Andrew Lownie on the future of publishing

    Andrew recently spoke at the Women’s Writing Festival:

    ‘But it was Andrew Lownie how made the boldest predictions, stating that in five to ten years from now, 75% of the books would be self-published, 20% would be publishing assisted by agents, and only 5% traditionally published.’

    How Soon Will the Majority of Books Be Self-Published?

  • Oct 20 2014: Louisa Treger writes for WeLoveThisBook

    ‘Louisa Treger, author of The Lodger, tells us about her favourite feminist book characters…’

    Top Five: Feminist Characters

  • Oct 20 2014: Nice review for Piu Eatwell in the Times


  • Oct 20 2014: Sonia Oatley is Kindle #1

    Sonia Oatley’s powerful new memoir Bye Mam, I Love You - A daughter’s last words. A mother’s search for justice. The shocking true story of the murder of Rebecca Aylward was the Kindle non-fiction #1 bestseller all weekend.