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  • Apr 23 2014: Lots of publicity for David Craig

    David Craig’s fascinating new consumer guide Don’t Buy It! - The tricks and traps salespeople use and how to beat them, recently released by Thistle Publishing, is generating lots of interest, including interviews on BBC Radio Solent, Talk Radio Europe, and RTE Irish radio.

    Don’t Buy It!

  • Apr 23 2014: Daddy's Little Princess no 5

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose latest fostering memoir, Daddy’s Little Princess, remains in the paperback non-fiction list at no 5.

  • Apr 21 2014: Second serial for Black Rainbow

    The second serial in Rachel Kelly’s memoir about her depression Black Rainbow is in the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine.

    My emotional ode to recovery: How one woman escaped the depths of depression through poetry

  • Apr 20 2014: Agency April newsletter now online

    The agency’s monthly newsletter for April is now available online.


  • Apr 20 2014: PW reviews West Point ’41

    There’s a good review for West Point ’41: The Class That Went to War and Shaped America, by Anne Kazel-Wilcox and PJ Wilcox in the latest Publishers Weekly.

    ‘It’s an enjoyable and fresh contribution to documenting the experiences of America’s “Greatest Generation.”’

  • Apr 20 2014: Two agency authors contribute to May's BBC History magazine

    Two agency authors contribute articles to the May edition of BBC History Magazine:

    Linda Porter writes about ‘The Forgotten Tudor’, Margaret sister of Henry VIII.

    Jessie Childs has the cover story with ‘Elizabeth I’s war with England’s Catholics’.

  • Apr 19 2014: Nick Pope serialised in the Daily Mail

    Nick Pope’s fascinating new book Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, released this weekend by Thistle Publishing, is serialised in today’s Daily Mail.

    Why I believe aliens landed in a Suffolk forest: No, Nick Pope isn’t a UFO fantasist, he’s an ex-Ministry of Defence expert with a compelling dossier of evidence

  • Apr 19 2014: Joff Sharpe on Special Air Service

    ‘After Piers Morgan hired me as HR Director, he found out that I had been in the SAS, and he thought it was pretty hilarious. Who can blame him?…’

    Special Air Service - what can HR learn from the elite British Army regiment?

  • Apr 19 2014: Rachel Kelly serialised in The Times

    Rachel Kelly’s Black Rainbow is serialised in the Times Magazine today, alongside an interview with the author.

    The Times

  • Apr 18 2014: Agent of the Year profiles

     The nominees for Literary Agent of the Year, including Andrew Lownie, are profiled in this week’s Bookseller.