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  • Jul 23 2014: Huge publicity for Natacha Tormey

    Natacha Tormey’s shocking new memoir Born Into the Children of God, the story of her childhood within the notorious cult, has been generating massive media interest, including the following:

    Newstalk radio interview

    The Sun

    BBC Outlook

    Sean Moncrieff show

  • Jul 23 2014: Best magazine feature for Unravelled

    Best magazine has run a double-page spread on the inspirational Vikie Shanks and her powerful new memoir Unravelled.

  • Jul 23 2014: How Poetry Can Prove a Lifeline

    Rachel Kelly has written a new piece for the Huffington Post:

    How Poetry Can Prove a Lifeline

  • Jul 18 2014: Casey Watson in Top Ten bestsellers

    Congratulations to Casey Watson whose The Girl Without a Voice is No.10 this week in the paperback non-fiction list.

  • Jul 17 2014: Amanda Foreman reviews The Lodger

    Historian and broadcaster Amanda Foreman (author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire) has given a great review of Louisa Treger’s forthcoming debut novel The Lodger, which will be published in October by Thistle.

    ‘This is a sparkling debut full of passion and verve. Louisa Treger has written an enthralling historical novel about unconventional love, unrecognised genius, and the courage to turn heartbreak into art.’

  • Jul 17 2014: Great review for Burma's Spring in The Independent

    ‘In her memoir, Russell has written authoritatively of the changes that swept through Burma, yet she has done so by focusing on the stories of a series of individuals and looking at how their lives were affected by events. The portraits are insightful and moving… A richer, more nuanced picture of Burma than is often portrayed by a Western media.’

    Rosalind Russell’s vivid portrait of a rapidly changing Burma

  • Jul 16 2014: The Race to Truth is No.2 in Ireland

    The Race to Truth is number two on the Irish paperback non-fiction bestseller list this week..

  • Jul 15 2014: GoodReads giveaway for Louisa Treger

    You can win a copy of Louisa Treger’s exciting debut novel The Lodger through the GoodReads giveaway competition here.

  • Jul 15 2014: Natacha Tormey interviewed on RTE

    Natacha Tormey’s interview with RTE is now online. Natacha is promoting the shocking story of the religious cult Born into the Children of God.

    Full interview (begins about 90 mins in)

  • Jul 15 2014: Cover reveal for Chloe Banks

    We’re delighted to unveil the cover for Chloe Banks’ fantastic debut novel The Art of Letting Go.