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  • Feb 28 2015: Andrew Lownie remains top agent in the world

    According to Publishers Marketplace Andrew Lownie remains the top selling agent in the world across all categories with thirty-three recorded deals over the last six months with second place at thirty.

    Worldwide the agency is no 1 UK Non-fiction, no 5 in history and current affairs and no 13 overall for agencies.

  • Feb 28 2015: Daily Mail serialises Beyond the Call

    Lee Trimble’s extraordinary new book Beyond the Call has been serialised in the Daily Mail.

    EXCLUSIVE: The WWII American B-24 pilot who turned spy, saved 1,000 US POWs from certain death at Soviet hands and won medal after medal - but never said a word about his wartime heroism

  • Feb 27 2015: Rachel Kelly writes for the Catholic Herald

    ‘The world of self-help is edging away from the notion that high levels of self-esteem are the key to mental health…’

    Self-esteem can be bad for your health

  • Feb 26 2015: David Weston shortlisted for Sheridan Morley prize for Theatre Biography

    Congratulations to David Weston whose Covering Shakespeare has been shortlisted for this year’s Sheridan Morley prize for Theatre Biography. Previous winners include Rupert Everett, Stephen Sondheim, Simon Callow, Michael Holroyd and Dominic Dromgoole. The prize will be awarded at the Garrick Club on 19th March.

  • Feb 25 2015: Simon West to direct Henry Cavill in Duncan Falconer thriller

    ‘Action director Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables 2) has come on board to direct Henry Cavill in special forces thriller Stratton, which is due to shoot in the UK and Italy this summer. Man of Steel star Cavill star in the title role of the film based on the first of a series of eight novels by ex-SBS (Special Boat Service is the sister arm to the SAS) operative Duncan Falconer.’

    Full story

  • Feb 24 2015: Lots of publicity for Breadline Britain

    Breadline Britain by Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack is generating huge interest, including the following:

    BBC Radio 2 (1hr in) – Jeremy Vine interview – and tweeted to R2’s 300,000 followers

    LBC – Shelagh Fogarty interview – and jacket tweeted to 100,000 followers

    Guardian authored piece

    City AM review: ‘A new book on poverty, Breadline Britain, deserves to be taken more seriously.’

  • Feb 24 2015: Maxwell's Return is Kindle #1

    The latest ‘Maxwell’ detective mystery from M J Trow, Maxwell’s Return, has gone to #1 in the Kindle bestseller list for Amazon Australia.

  • Feb 24 2015: Recent Foreign Rights Sales

    Greek rights in Patrick Dillon’s novel Ithaca.

    Chinese rights in Piu Eatwell’s They Eat Horses,don’t they?: The truth about the French

    Romanian rights in Ian Graham’s Scarlet Women.

  • Feb 23 2015: Huge publicity for Daisy de Villeneuve

    Daisy de Villeneuve’s new book I Should Have Said, a collection of esprit d’escalier quotes and illustrations, is generating huge interest.

    ‘We loved this book. Wonderful illustrations and witty retorts. Daisy de Villeneuve is effortlessly cool and this book is fun and entertaining’.
    Frost Magazine

    ‘And for your single bff, do buy Daisy de Villeneuve’s sharp-tongued new book (pictured bottom) of illustrated ‘should’ve saids’, called, of course, I Should Have Said…’
    Disney Rollergirl

    ‘A smart, witty little compilation of illustrations inspired by the day-to-day quips of modern romance, from awkward goodbyes to miss-sent texts… plus all the things she wishes she’d said at the time. Don’t we all’
    Daily Mail

    The Guardian

    Vanity Fair

    Kate Spade

    The Glass Magazine


  • Feb 23 2015: Junk DNA selected as Scientific American 'recommended read'

    There’s a great review for Nessa Carey’s Junk DNA: A Journey through the Dark Matter of the Genome in the Scientific American, which picks the book as a ‘recommended read’.

    ‘In chronicling what we know and what we wonder about junk DNA, biologist Carey makes an apt comparison to dark matter. Just as the universe appears to contain mass that we cannot see or understand and yet nonetheless exerts a pull on normal matter, the mysterious parts of our genome have a vital effect on the workings of more straightforward elements of DNA. In fact, far from being useless, genetic rubbish may be what differentiates humans from less advanced species.’

    Full review