True Lies
Ross Slater, Douglas Wight

True Lies

When ex-soldier and policeman Ross Slater was hired to provide security for leading members of Greenpeace he got more than he bargained for.

Not only would he be involved in planning some of the environmental group's most audacious stunts but his contacts in Special Branch came up with an even juicier role for him – as a double agent spying on Greenpeace's activities.

With split loyalties, Slater had to tread a fine line between fulfilling his duties to the eco-warriors while alerting the authorities whenever he felt their stunts risked endangering the lives of the public.

In this action-packed expose on how British police spy on green groups, Slater reveals how he:

-           Feared he’d been kidnapped by illegal loggers during a training exercise in the Amazon jungle

-           Drove a truck that would dump half a tonne of coal at 10 Downing Street while tipping off the authorities to the stunt at the same time

-           Spied on top Premier League football stars as part of a high profile campaign

-           Faced a race against time to copy secret files before being caught.

As the role of undercover police officers comes under scrutiny, Slater tells how hard it is to stay straight in the face of extreme temptation in a world where criminality, drug-taking and sexual shenanigans are rife and gives a unique perspective on what it takes to be a double agent.

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Ross Slater,

Ross Slater is a former lance corporal in the Parachute Regiment who served six years duty from 1974 to 1980, including a perilous tour of duty in Northern Ireland. Lucky to survive the IRA’s first remote-controlled car bomb blast, he eventually left the army to become a cop with Thames Valley Police.Seeking more adventure he landed a role as a security consultant to the Sultan of Brunei before striking out on his own as an independent investigator. Among his roles was as an undercover detective working at a food wholesalers reporting to the Regional Crime Squad.Slater then re-joined ...
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Douglas Wight

Douglas Wight has been a journalist for 18 years covering news, features, politics and investigations.He has reported on world news events including the legacy of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, the Dunblane massacre and the death of Michael Jackson from Los Angeles. He reported on the aftermath of the World Trade Centre terrorist attacks for the New York Post.A former reporter for the Sun newspaper, he has held news editor and features editor positions for the News of the World – formerly Britain's biggest selling newspaper - and for the last three years before its closure...
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