For the Love of Lexie
Nadene Ghouri

For the Love of Lexie

For the Love of Lexie is the account of one woman’s fight – firstly to help her daughter overcome addiction, and then, when that failed, to keep her grand-daughter Lexie safe.  The memoir explores some of the most prolific social problems blighting the UK today – domestic violence, substance and alcohol misuse, child neglect, disability and terminal illness. 

Tracy worked alongside Social Services to remove Lexie from her daughter’s care. During the ensuing Court case it was discovered that Lexie was not only blind and physically disabled, but also that she had a terminal illness which made the outcome doubly upsetting for everyone involved. The Court agreed that Lexie’s parents were unfit to care for her, and Tracy and her husband were awarded guardianship. As a result Tracy’s relationship with her daughter completely broke down.

Tracy threw herself into caring for Lexie who was not expected to live for more than a year.  However with a great deal of love and dedicated care she thrived and surpassed all expectations growing into a happy little girl.  However, Tracy’s relationship with Lexie’s mother, her daughter, became increasingly volatile as Tracy was forced to choose between her love for her own child and the need to provide the best possible care for her grand-daughter.  Eventually their relationship broke down completely.

A brief period of happiness came to an abrupt end when Lexie’s condition fatally deteriorated.  On Lexie’s deathbed Tracy attempted to bring about reconciliation between Lexie and her parents whilst at the same time battling the medical profession for the best possible care for her ailing granddaughter.

This powerful true life story reveals the sad story of a little girl whose life was fraught with pain and difficulty from the moment she was born. But luckily for Lexie, her grandmother Tracy Norton fought like a lioness for her until the day she died.

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  • Author: Nadene Ghouri
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Nadene Ghouri

Nadene Ghouri is a multi-award winning journalist specialising in human interest and human rights issues. She is a former correspondent of both the BBC and Al Jazeera English and today is a freelance broadcaster and reporter working for BBC current affairs and leading publications including The Guardian and Mail on Sunday. She is the co-author of two New York Times bestsellers The Favoured Daughter about the life of Afghan human rights activist Fawzia Koofi and Born Into The Children of God with cult survivor Natacha Tormey. The Lightless Sky was named as one of the ‘buzz books’...
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