Born in the USA
Trevor Homer

Born in the USA

Hooray for the ingenuity of America!

From the kitchen to the office to outer space, America has been at the forefront of the advances of the human race for the last two centuries. It's given birth to more new products, devices, medicines, leisure pursuits, sports, musical genres, and vehicles than any other country or people ancient or modern. More Nobel prize winners come from these shores than the next five countries combined.

Born in the USA celebrates the country's pioneering drive by describing some of its greatest innovations and some of its greatest – and most surprising – inventors. It challenges the imagination to know that the same country that gave the world the artificial heart and e-mail, also originated sliced bread and Chinese fortune cookies. Guaranteed to entertain and enlighten, Born in the USA is an amazing chronicle of some of America's most important and imaginative creations

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Trevor Homer

Trevor Homer is an author and businessman, living and working in the West Midlands.He is the author of The Book of Origins. The book aims to show the origins of almost everything, from Art to Zoos via Sport, Language, Buildings, Money, Crime and lots more. The Book of Origins was published in the UK in 2006 by Piatkus Books, now part of Little, Brown Group, and published in the USA by Penguin. It has been sold to ten other countries.Trevor’s second book, Born in the USA, chronicles most of the great advances in the human race that were brought about in the USA. Born in the USA was pub...
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