Andrew Lownie continues his series of how recent submissions have addressed him.

Hello dear Andrew,

Dear Andrew Lownie and/or Associates,

Hi Lonnie,


Dear Mr Townie

Dear Mrs Lownie,

Dear Mr. Andrew;


The distinguished representative of The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Ltd! Hello!

Hi <<&firstname>>,

Dear Ms Agent;

Good afternoon,

Hey Andrew!

To an ‘agent’ of the literary sort:

Dear Reviewing Agent,

Dear Agent,

Dear Andrew Lownie and Team,

Hi there

Dear Andrew Lownie & Andrew Lownie Literary Agency,

Honored Mr. Andrew, Greetings from India!

Hey Andy;

Hello Angel,

Do your current interests include ferociously paced, commercial Tartan Noir?

Dear Mr. Dolby,

Greetings,, Top of the day to you.