Addressing Me

Andrew Lownie continues his occasional series of salutations he has received from prospective authors.

Well hello there,

Dear All

Dear delightful people at Andrew Lownie

Hi Andrew Lownie Agency,


Hello all at Andrew Lownie Literary Agency.

Good day

Dear Andrew Lownie Team,

Hello lovelies!

Dear Reader

Dear staff,

To the fine agent reviewing manuscript submissions for picture books,

Hi Jacq,

Dear All at Andrew Lownie,

Dear Andrew and team,

Dear Director of Development.

Dear executives at Andrew Lownie Agency:

Dear Mr Lownie, Sir or Madam

Hello Mr Andrew,

Monsieur Lownie, Hello.

Dear God’s Select,

Hey, I need a Lit Agent!

Andrew, me old mate, me old mucker…

Dear Mr. Lownie or Agent,

Dear Editor,

Dear Sears,

Dear Publisher!

Good afternoon Mr. Lownie,

Hello Saints,

Greetings Agent Lownie!

Most treasured endeared friend,

Greetings from Tirana,

Dear Reader

Dear Director of Development.

Dear Managing Director,

It is with the highest regard for the importance of your time that I make this humble submission.

Good morning sir\madam,, I am an italian emergent writer

Honorable Ma’am

Dear A

Dear Andrew Lownie Ltd

Dear Team

Dear, Lownie

Dear Mr. Andrew

Friendly greetings to you.

Hello Andrew and greetings from the typing pool.