Agency authors make Times 'Books of the Year'

Dr James Barry: A Woman Ahead of Her Time by Michael du Preez and Jeremy Dronfield made the Biography section where it was described as ‘gripping, unusual, moving’ .

Josephine Wilkinson’s Katherine Howard : Tarnished Purity was selected in the history section. The Times felt “this book deserves commendation because of the painful truth it reveals about how women are abused by men and then blamed for the lust they arouse. Good history challenges us to think as much about the present as about the past.”

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Josephine Wilkinson

Dr Josepha Josephine Wilkinson received a First Class Honours degree from the University of Newcastle. She was the winner of the Third Year Prize for her work on The Little Apocalypse, which placed Mark chapter 13 into its historical context, and the Jewish Studies Prize for her historical study ...More about Josephine Wilkinson