London Journal: A Guided Tour and Diary of Discovery
David Long

London Journal: A Guided Tour and Diary of Discovery

A guide book can never be any more than that – a guide – because to really get under the skin of somewhere as vast and as historic as London one needs to get out there and find things for yourself.

David Long’s London Journal contains recommendations - places people go to and go back to whether they are Londoners by birth or by adoption or just visiting.  

Some are well known, others less so, and more than a few are the sorts of places which have earned a reputation as a ‘best kept secret’ if only among people who can’t wait to tell everyone else what they now know.

As well as detailed descriptions the book makes space for readers to record their own notes and thoughts or to list places they were inspired to discover for themselves after reading the book.

London, after all, appears differently to different people and in a real sense we make of it what we want. There are stops along the way everyone has to make – the really famous landmarks, the most celebrated bars and restaurants – but people who really love London will tell you the best places are the ones you find yourself, and this is book to start you on that journey.

Book Details:

  • Author: David Long
  • Published Year: 2016
  • All rights are available

David Long

David Long spent 25 years writing features for national newspapers and editing glossy magazines before turning to books, initially as a ghostwriter. Since then, under his own name, he is the author of many successful non-fiction titles for adults and children. With an engaging historical focus, his books have been well received by readers and reviewers alike and translated into a dozen languages. In 2017 his book Survivors was the Blue Peter Book of the Year. He lives in Suffolk, is the father of two boys, and has made regular appearances in the Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Pe...
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