Blood Brothers
Nick Pope

Blood Brothers

As the combined forces of MI5 and the SAS confront ruthless Islamic fanatics bringing jihad to the UK’s streets, two former enemies are reluctantly paired together to combat the threat.

Two deadly but very different terror attacks bring carnage to London on the same day: a suicide bombing in the heart of Soho, and the shooting down of a military aircraft taking part in a ceremonial fly-past. Simultaneously, a previously-unknown Islamic radical calling himself SALADIN declares a caliphate in the UK and decrees that all British Muslims should rise up against the infidel state.

The initial terror attacks are followed by sickening atrocities at Jewish schools, and in response to Saladin’s call, disaffected Muslim youths heed the call to arms, establishing Sharia patrols that bring terror to the streets. Others undertake lone-wolf marauding terror attacks.

Prime Minister JUSTIN HOLLAND authorises the creation of a multi-agency team, codenamed ARTEMIS, to counter Saladin. Led by experienced MI5 analyst JENNY FAIRBANKS, this elite new unit brings together experts from MI5, MI6, GCHQ and the SAS – whose plainclothes rapid reaction teams, led by Major MATT QUILL, are deployed to protect various high-profile targets, using aggressive Rules of Engagement that amount to a shoot-to-kill policy.

More terror attacks follow, with a radio-controlled drone bringing down an airliner at Heathrow, and a devastating attack on the London Underground. Revenge attacks against mosques and the accidental police shooting of an innocent Muslim heighten the tension. With the country standing on the brink of a race war, a charismatic right-wing politician, TERRY STONNARD, takes advantage of the situation, enjoying increasing power and influence as the crisis escalates.

As terror attacks continue, ASHRAF ABDUL KHAN, a proud Pashtun warrior, unexpectedly turns himself in. He’s Saladin’s most skilled and trusted fighter. He was the person who downed the RAF aircraft, but he’s become increasingly disillusioned with the targetting of civilians, and in particular the attacks on children. The PM authorises an amnesty for Khan, but this causes outrage in some quarters, especially with Quill, who once aborted a drone strike on Khan because he had a young child with him – Khan went on to plan an IED campaign that killed Quill’s brother. The two are ordered to work together, but do so very reluctantly.  

While the cellular structure of Saladin’s organisation places limits on what Khan can do, his insights prove critical. On a personal level, as Khan and Quill work together their relationship evolves into one of mutual respect. The team learns that Saladin is planning a final, devastating attack on a nuclear convoy, with the help of an inside man. Quill and Khan save the day, only narrowly averting catastrophe. The terrorists are killed, though Saladin escapes. Quill has been ordered to kill Khan, to tie up a loose end that’s threatening to bring down the PM and bring in a radical new government, but Quill believes Khan has earned a reprieve and allows him to escape.

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Nick Pope

Author, journalist and broadcaster Nick Pope worked for the British Government for 21 years, at the Ministry of Defence. In the course of his career he served in a wide variety of posts, but is best known for work that he did between 1991 and 1994 when he ran the MoD’s UFO project. He is recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on the unexplained, conspiracy theories, sci-fi and fringe science.Nick Pope is the best-selling author of four books: one on UFOs, one on alien abductions and two sci-fi novels. He also writes for a wide range of newspapers including The Time...
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