• Two more Casey Watson books sold to Collins

    23 Dec 2011

    Vicky McGeown at Harper Collins has bought two more inspirational memoirs by foster carer Casey Watson whose first book in a four-book deal, has spent the last three months in the non-fiction paperback best seller lists.

  • Australian rights in The Girl With No Name sold to Murdoch Books

    23 Dec 2011

    Murdoch Books have made a pre-emptive offer, which has been accepted, for Marina Chapman’s extraordinary story of being brought up by monkeys in the Colombian jungle. The book is now on offer in UK, US and translation.

  • Shed Simove's new book to Hay House

    23 Dec 2011

    Hay House have bought Shed Simove’s self help book Success, Happiness and Wealth or Your Money Back .

  • The Cost of Inequality attracting good reviews and sold to China

    23 Dec 2011

    Stewart Lansley’s The Cost of Inequality has been gathering good reviews and has just been sold to China.

    Peter Wilby selected it as his Book of the Year in the New Statesman writing:

    Stewart Lansley’s The Cost of Inequality (Gibson Square, £17.99) exposes the truth about the economic catastrophe that afflicts the western world: neoliberalism has created consumer societies in which millions are so poor that they cannot afford to consume.

    Nial Cooper in Church Action on Poverty stated:

    Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the reasons behind the astonishing growth in inequality in the UK and US over the past 30 years – and why it helped to bring about the unprecedented economic crisis we are all now facing. Readable, well-argued and a devastating critique of neo-liberal laissez-faire economics that has allowed the growth of a new generation of super-rich ‘Robber Barrons’ …

    Times Higher Education Supplement said:

    Lansley adds value, making the forceful case that the rapid rise in wages and profits in the financial sector crowded out other forms of private-sector growth…..his second line of thought is equally compelling…. the central arguments of Lansley’s book - and the solutions he proposes - deserve a wide hearing and an urgent place on the policy agenda.

    The full review can be found at

  • Sean Longden's Dunkirk no 1 on Kindle

    21 Dec 2011

    Sean Longden’s Dunkirk is currently no. 2 on the overall Kindle List and no. 1 in Non fiction.

  • Two Agency Titles in Top Twenty

    21 Dec 2011

    Congratulations to Casey Watson and Cathy Glass who continue their long run in the best seller non-fiction paperback lists respectively at no 10 and no 20.

  • Dinah Roe talking about Christina Rossetti

    17 Dec 2011

    Dinah Roe, whose book on the Rossettis has just been published, can be heard on BBC 3’s ‘The Verb’ talking about Christina Rossetti with Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales, reading the poems

  • Agency authors in Amazon best seller lists

    16 Dec 2011

    Frank Ledwidge’s Losing Small Wars is no 1 on Amazons Iraq list and Kebvin Ivison’s Red One is no 13

    Losing Small Wars is number two on their Afghan list and Doug Beattie’s Ordinary Soldier is no 6

  • Agency titles remain in top twenty

    14 Dec 2011

    Casey Watson’s The Boy No One Loved and Cathy Glass’s The Night The Angels Came are respectively no 12 and 19 this week.

  • UK rights in David Day's Antarctica sold to OUP

    07 Dec 2011

    David Day’s regular British publisher, OUP, has bought his biography of Antarctica to be published next year by Random House (Australia).