• UK rights sold in Five Days That Shook The World: An Oral History of Europe at the End of World War Two

    11 Jul 2011

    UK rights in Nick Best’s Five Days That Shook The World: An Oral History of Europe at the End of World War Two , the story of five momentous days at the end of the Second World War, from the execution of Mussolini and the surrender in Italy to the announcement on German radio that the Führer had fallen at his post, fighting to his last breath against Bolshevism, have been bought by Osprey. They and St Martin’s Press will be publishing in spring 2012.

  • Murderous London to Random House

    11 Jul 2011

    Random House have bought David Long’s Murderous London , which pinpoints the exact locations of scores of the bloodiest, most intriguing and sinister murders in London’s last 100 years, for publication next year.

  • US rights in biography of Antarctica sold to OUP

    11 Jul 2011

    US rights in David Day’s biography of Antarctica have been sold to Oxford University Press - Random House Australia already control UK & Commonwealth rights - for publication next year.

  • New Cathy Glass memoir to Harper Collins

    11 Jul 2011

    Cathy Glass’s latest fostering memoir The NIght the Angels Came , the story of a father’s selfless love and devotion for his son and a small boy’s belief that when the time comes the angels will take his daddy to be in heaven with his mummy, has been bought by her regular publisher Harper Collins for publication this autumn.

  • A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England commissioned by Ebury

    11 Jul 2011

    Andrew Goodfellow at Ebury has bought world rights in A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England, a gazetteer and bedside book featuring the surviving places, objects and stories of Tudor England, from Suzannah Lipscomb currently a lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of East Anglia.

    A Visitor’s Companion will provide both a practical handbook to the 50 best and most interesting Tudor houses, palaces, castles and sites across England, and a colourful, fascinating introduction to the key characters, stories and events of the Tudor age. Ebury publish next year.

  • The Plantagenets to Constable

    11 Jul 2011

    UK rights in Desmond Seward’s history of the Plantagenets, our longest reigning dynasty and on a par with the Habsburgs and Bourbons as among the most important in European history, have been sold to his regular publisher Constable for publication in 2013.

  • US rights in The Brontes sold

    06 Jul 2011

    Pegasus have bought US rights in Juliet Barker’s revised edition of her classic group bigraphy, The Brontes, recently published by Little Brown in the UK.

  • Drug dealer memoirs sold to Globe Pequot

    05 Jul 2011

    Mule, the memoirs of former drug smuggler turned DEA confidential informant Chris Heifner and ghosted by journalist Adam Slutsky have been sold to US publisher Globe Pequot for publication next year.

  • The Epigenetics Revolution to Columbia

    03 Jul 2011

    US rights in Nessa Carey’s popular science book The Epigenetics Revolution have been sold to Columbia University Press with Palgrave the underbider. Icon publish in the UK in September.

  • Daniel Tammet's recent TED lecture on perception

    24 Jun 2011

    Danniel Tammet’s recent TED lecture on how he sees numbers, language and literature can be found at