• Book on U2 sold to St Martin's Press

    04 Apr 2012

    US rights in music journalist John Jobling’s unauthorised history of the Irish rock band U2 have been sold to St Martin’s Press.

  • Kris Hollington's play Scream re-broadcast on Good Friday

    27 Mar 2012

    Radio 4 are re-broadcasting Kris Hollington’s shortlisted play of the year Scream on Good Friday, 9pm, 6 April.

    Written by Kris Hollington and directed by Boz Temple Morris, Scream is a crime caper telling the extraordinary but true story behind the theft of Edvard Munch’s expressionist masterpiece from an Oslo museum in 2004.

    Recorded entirely on location in Olso, the cast of SCREAM includes many of Norway’s leading actors.

    Oslo police are closing in on the criminal mastermind behind Europe’s largest and most spectacular cash robbery (the gang had blown up a police station as a distraction) when two incompetent criminals burst into the Munch Museum and ask for directions to Norway’s most famous painting. Amazingly, they emerge with The Scream and The Madonna. So begins a high profile and bizarre cat and mouse chase as police attempt to track down the world’s most valuable painting and arrest the robbers. Could it be that the criminal mastermind, David Toska, has commissioned the theft of the Scream simply to divert police resources from the investigation into his cash robbery?

    A tale of love, murder, fatal illnesses and a unique chocolate obsession, Scream is a caper tale with added angst -

    “We arrive on this earth screaming and we die screaming, screaming inside with the frustration of the shortness of life and the terror of death!”

  • Four agency titles in top fifteen

    27 Mar 2012

    Congratulations to the following authors on making this week’s paperback non-fiction list:

    No 3 - Cathy Glass for A Baby’s Cry

    No 5 - Lynne Barrett-Lee for Angela Patrick’s The Baby Laundry for Unmarried Mothers

    No 10 - Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington for Hurting Too Much

    No 15 - Casey Watson for Crying for Help.

  • Agency has four books in the top 20 Paperback Non-Fiction list:

    23 Mar 2012

    According to today’s Bookseller the agency has four books in the top 20 Paperback Non-Fiction list:

    5 A Baby’s Cry by Cathy Glass

    7 The Baby Laundry for Unmarried Mothers by Angela Patrick & Lynne Barrett-Lee

    13 Hurting Too Much by Harry Keeble & Kris Hollington

    16 Crying for Help by Casey Watson

  • Two Agency Titles in Top Twenty

    21 Mar 2012

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose fostering memoir A Baby’s Cry has immediately entered the best seller list at no 5 and Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington’s Hurting Too Much which remains in the non-fiction paperback lists at no 13.

  • Hurting Too Much is top ten

    19 Mar 2012

    Congratulations to Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington whose Hurting Too Much:Shocking Stories from the Frontline of Child Protection is no 9 in this week’s Sunday Times paperback best seller list.

  • Recent Foreign Rights Sales

    17 Mar 2012

    There have been a succession of foreign rights deals in the weeks before the London Book Fair including:

    Sam Pivnik’s Holocaust memoir Survivor to Holland, Italy, France & in Catalan.

    Stewart Lansley’s business book The Cost of Inequality to Korea and China.

    Nicholas Best’s Five Days That Shocked the World to Italy and Poland.

    Barbara Stcherbatcheff’s memoir City Girl to Poland.

    Marina Chapman’s The Girl With No Name: The Incredible True Story of the Girl Raised by Monkeys to Holland, Italy and Germany.

    Adrian Weale’s The SS: A New History to Sweden following deals with Italy, Poland and Spain.

    Cathy Class’s Run Mummy, Run! to Poland.

  • John Bradley remains a no 1

    14 Mar 2012

    John Bradley’s book on the Arab Spring continues to do well especially on Amazon:

    • #1 in Books > History > Political History > Revolutions & Coups • #1 in Books > Society, Politics & Philosophy > Social Sciences > Multicultural Studies > Islamic Studies • #2 in Books > Society, Politics & Philosophy > Government & Politics > Countries & Regions > Middle East

    One of the most authoritative commentators on the Middle East, his latest interview for The Middle East Report can be found at

  • The Baby Laundry for Unmarried Mothers serialised in Mail on Sunday

    11 Mar 2012

    Congratulations to Angela Patrick and Lynne Barrett-Lee whose The Baby Laundry for Unmarried Mothers is serialised in today’s Mail on Sunday.

  • Blitz Kids serialised in the Daily Mail today.

    10 Mar 2012

    Congratulations to Sean Longden whose book on children during the Second World War Blitz Kids is serialised in the Daily Mail today.