• drone-war-book-serialised

    24 Sep 2018

    Peter Lee’s Reaper Force : The Inside Story of Britain’s Drone Wars was serialised in the Mail on Sunday.

  • Cathy Glass remains at no 3

    23 Sep 2018

    Cathy Glass’s Where Has Mummy Gone? is at Number 3 in the Sunday Times paperback bestsellers chart for a second week.

  • Pandemic 1918 on BBC

    14 Sep 2018

    Catharine Arnold, author of Pandemic 1918 will be appearing in BBC2’s ‘The flu that killed 50 million” on Tuesday 25th September

  • Recent Foreign Rights sales

    14 Sep 2018

    Hungarian rights for Marina Chapman’s The Girl With No Name: The Incredible True Story of the Girl Raised by Monkeys .

    Hungarian rights for Jeremy Dronfield’s The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz.

    Dutch rights for Cathy Glass’s Where Has Mummy Gone?

    Turkish rights for Daniel Tammet’s Every Word is a Bird We Teach to Sing .

  • New Lisa Stone novel to Harper Collins

    12 Sep 2018

    Harper Collins have bought World rights in Lisa Stone’s new psychological thriller The Doctor for publication next year.

  • Cathy Glass is no 3

    12 Sep 2018

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose Where Has Mummy Gone? is Number 3 in the Sunday Times paperback Bestsellers this week after just a few days of sales.

  • Jacobite history to Birlinn

    08 Sep 2018

    World English rights in Desmond Seward’s history of the Jacobite Movement have been bought by Birlinn.

  • Darling Winston, Dearest Mamma serialised

    08 Sep 2018

    David Lough’s collection of correspondence between Winston Churchill and his mother Darling Winston, Dearest Mamma is serialised in the Daily Mail today.

  • Hitler's British Traitors is 'Book of the Week'

    08 Sep 2018

    Tim Tate’s Hitler’s British Traitors: The Secret History of Spies, Saboteurs and Fifth Columnists is ‘Book of the Week’in the Times today.

  • UK rights sold in Louis XlV biography

    31 Aug 2018

    UK rights in Jo Wilkinson’s Louis XIV: The Gift of God have been bought by Amberley.