• Winner of News of the World Children's Champion 999 Award

    15 Mar 2011

    Congratulations to Connor Rowntree who has been awarded The News of the World Children’s Champion 999 Award for his work in school and colleges raising awareness with teenage kids about the dangers of fire. Normally for the Police, Fire or Medical services, Connor is the first civilian and child to receive the 999 award.The awards are being shown on April 3rd on Sky TV.

  • Recent film deals

    06 Mar 2011

    Duncan Falconer’s screenplay The Alpha Directive to Slingshot and his novel Hostage to Amber Entertainment.

    Harry Keeble’s experiences in the anti-terrorist squadTerror Cops to Mammoth and his Crack House to Start Films.

    Kevin Ivison’s bomb disposal memoir Red One to the BBC.

    Ben MacFarlane’s Holiday SOS to Fremantle for a new drama series (in various territories).

  • Little Victim no 13

    02 Mar 2011

    Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington’s Little Victim remains in the paperback non-fiction list at no 13.

  • Two Agency bestsellers

    25 Feb 2011

    Little Victim by Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington and Cathy Glass’s Mummy Told Me Not To Tell remain in the paperback non-fiction list respectively at no 11 and no 20.

  • Top 50 General Biographies 2010

    25 Feb 2011

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose Damaged was no 3 and Saddest Girl no 14 in the Top 50 General Biography bestseller list last year.

  • John Bradley, author of Inside Egypt published

    20 Feb 2011

    John Bradley ,author of Inside Egypt published in 2008, has been touring television stations this week as his book predicted many of the events of the past month. His Fox TV appearance can be seen here.
    Bradley, whose books include Saudi Arabia Exposed: Inside a Kingdom in Crisis and Behind the Veil of Vice: The Business and Culture of Sex in the Middle East is presently preparing a book on the recent upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt.
  • Two books in Top Twenty

    15 Feb 2011

    Congratulatons to Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington whose LIttle Victim is no 9 and Cathy Glass whose Mummy Told Me Not To Tell is no 19 in the paperback non-fiction list.

  • Gurpareet Bains on BBC Asian Network

    11 Feb 2011

    Gurpareet Bains’s latest radio interview can be heard at

  • Andrew Lownie on Mediabistro

    11 Feb 2011

    Andrew Lownie was recently interviewed in the series "How to Pitch To An Agent".
  • Little Victim straight in at no 10

    09 Feb 2011

    Congratulations to Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington whose Little Victim, published this week, has gone straight in at no. 10 in the paperback non-fiction bestseller list.