• Red One is Amazon bestseller

    17 Aug 2010

    Kevin Ivison’s memoir of his time as a bomb disposal officer, Red One, has become an Amazon bestseller on the strength of some good reviews and a Mail on Sunday serial.

    1 in Books > Society, Politics & Philosophy > Warfare & Defence > Weapons & Equipment 1 in Books > History > Military History > Weapons & Warfare > Conventional 1 in Books > History > Countries & Regions > Asia > Middle East > Arabian Peninsula
  • Indian Superfood goes to No 1

    17 Aug 2010

    Gurpareet Bain’s Indian Superfood has gone to No. 1 in Indian Food (National and International Cookery) and No. 3 in Healthy Eating (Diets and Healthy Eating) on Amazon on the strength of this piece in the Sunday Times:

  • I Miss Mummy stays in bestseller list

    17 Aug 2010

    Cathy Glass’s fostering memoir I Miss Mummy which was number 2 last week remains in the non-fiction paperback list at number 3.

  • Two Little Brown Agency Books in Promotions

    05 Aug 2010

    Waterstone’s will be promoting the paperback edition of Lawrence James’s Aristocrats in their Summer Reading 3 for 2 promotion.

    Adrian Weale’s SS: A New HIstory will be promoted airside in WHSmiths Travel in the ‘2 for £20’ promotion

  • I Miss Mummy no 3

    03 Aug 2010

    Cathy Glass’s I Miss Mummy is at number 3 this week, selling 5,612 copies.

  • Novel fish and chip recipe

    03 Aug 2010

    Gurpareet Bain’s Indian Superfood has generated a lot of interest. His recipe for fish and chips is now running on Love Reading here:

  • In the Key of Genius shoots up Amazon

    03 Aug 2010

    After Derek Paravinci’s apearance again on Sixty Minutes, Adam Ockelford’s book on him In the Key of Genius has shot to No 73 on

  • Terror Cops WH Smith non-fiction Book of the Month

    03 Aug 2010

    Harry Keeble and Kris Holllington’s Terror Cops is WH Smith’s non-fiction book of the month for August

  • I Miss Mummy is no 6

    03 Aug 2010

    Cathy Glass’s I Miss Mummy is no 6 in this week’s Bookseller paperback non-fiction list.

  • Cathy Glass is no 5

    28 Jul 2010

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose I Miss Mummy has sold 3,935 copies this week, putting it at number 5 in the bestsellers charts.