• Interesting piece on marriage and surnames by Matt Wilven

    15 Aug 2016

    Matt Wilven has written a thoughtful article for the Telegraph on how he and his wife chose to deal with the issues of marriage and surnames.

    We don’t believe in marriage - so we’ve spliced our surnames instead

    Matt’s exhilerating debut novel The Blackbird Singularity is out now, and has just been longlisted for the Not The Booker Prize.

  • Patrick Garrett in The Courier

    10 Aug 2016

    There’s an interesting piece in The Courier today on Patrick Garrett’s new biography of journalist Clare Hollingworth.

    The Courier

  • Early praise for Dr James Barry: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

    09 Aug 2016

    Dr James Barry: A Woman Ahead of Her Time by Dr. Michael du Preez and Jeremy Dronfield published by Oneworld on 25th August has already received glowing reviews.

    “Jeremy Dronfield, using a novelist’s touch for contemporary detail, has produced an elegant and sensitive biography….Du Preez and Dronfield have done Margaret Buckley and her alter ego proud in this absorbing book”. Times, Book of the Week

    “The life of Dr James Barry was and is by every measure so remarkable that at each turn of this quite gripping biography I found myself gasping in disbelief….The great pleasure of this book is its detail. It is one thing to re-create a life, but quite another to fill in the background as vividly as the authors have done, fleshing out the personalities of walk-on characters and giving colour and context to Barry’s world – or worlds. Wherever their subject goes, whether it is Margate or Mauritius, they make those places come alive with contemporary descriptions and reports. Their research is authoritative and prodigious, giving the reader glowing pictures of, for example, the rackety artistic circles of London in 1802, the horrors of a military hospital in wartime, travelling down a sheer South African gorge in a cart, visiting St Helena in the days of Napoleon, and being on a ship in which a smallpox infection breaks out. When you have all this to play with, the book’s occasional novelistic flourishes are surplus to requirements.” Literary Review

  • Wonderful endorsements for The Lives of Tudor Women

    09 Aug 2016

    Elizabeth Norton’s The Lives of Tudor Women, published in October, has received two terrific endorsements :

    ‘Elizabeth Norton is one of our finest Tudor historians - and this book proves it. I was enthralled throughout by her brilliantly structured and beautifully crafted evocation of the lives of women of all classes in the Tudor age. It’s a book packed with a wealth of telling detail that brings life to its subjects and fascinating insights into their world. Essential reading for Tudor fans and scholars alike! I could not put it down.’ Alison Weir

    ‘Groundbreaking - a study of Tudor women, known and unknown, through the prism of Shakespeare’s seven ages of man. Norton seamlessly weaves together the experiences of the wealthy and powerful with those of ordinary women through the experiences - marriage, childbirth - that they all share. Widely researched and beautifully written, this is vivid and compelling history.’ Sarah Gristwood, author of Game of Queens

  • Bad Blood is no 3

    06 Aug 2016

    Julie Shaw’s Bad Blood spends a third week in the top ten non-fiction paperback list - this time dropping from no 1 to no 3.

  • Patrick Garrett in Quartz magazine

    05 Aug 2016

    Patrick Garrett has written a fascinating new piece for Quartz magazine, based on his new book Of Fortunes and War: Clare Hollingworth, first of the female war correspondents, published last month by Thistle Books.

    ‘From the 1930s onward, veteran war correspondent Clare Hollingworth made a century-long journey from rural Leicestershire, through wars and revolutions in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, to Hong Kong in the final days of the British empire. A recently released biography of her life, by her nephew Patrick Garrett, chronicles her “uncanny Zelig-like ability to appear on the front lines of world events.”’ Inside Romania’s 1941 failed coup, with the world’s first female war correspondent

  • Matt Wilven makes Not the Booker longlist

    03 Aug 2016

    Matt Wilven’s debut novel The Blackbird Singularity has made the longlist for the Not the Booker prize, organised by the Guardian. It’s a wonderful book, please consider giving Matt your vote.

    Not the Booker prize

  • Helen Fry documentary

    01 Aug 2016

    Helen Fry’s documentary Spying on Hitler’s Army, based on her book The M Room, was shown this weekend on More4.

  • Recent Foreign Rights Sales

    30 Jul 2016

    Cathy Glass’s The Silent Cry to Sri Lanka

    Sam Pivnik’s Survivor to Germany

    Gary Smith’s What the Luck to China

  • Persian cookery book to Head of Zeus

    30 Jul 2016

    Head of Zeus have bought world rights in Maryam Sinaiee’s book of authentic and little-known Persian recipes for publication in spring 2018.