David Lough and Roger Crowley reviewed in Times

The Times writes of Conquerors: How Portugal Seized the Indian Ocean and Forged the First Global Empire

The historian Roger Crowley promises: “a long-range epic of navigation, trade and technology, money and crusade, political diplomacy and espionage, sea battles and shipwrecks, endurance, reckless courage and extreme violence”. His pulsating narrative does exactly that.


And says of David Lough’s No More Champagne: Churchill and his Money

He is a courteous guide, whose knowledge of the arcane world of investment (and its pitfalls) enables him to explain what went wrong and how Churchill managed to scrape through. The result is a fascinating read, although an unnerving one for anyone who has the tastes and appetites of Mr Toad and the income of Mr Rat.


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David Lough

Born in 1950, David Lough won an open history scholarship to Oxford University where he won 1st class honours, studying under historians Richard Cobb, Michael Howard and Theodore Zeldin.  He pursued a career in financial markets, starting in Asia and investment banking, before founding a pri...More about David Lough