Andrew Lownie uses his expert knowledge in the publishing field to maximise the potential of his clients and build up their careers. Here Andrew Lownie, and some of his clients and guest columnists, share advice on a variety of topics to writers. Elsewhere on the site you can find a Frequently Asked Questions list on literary agents, as well as advice for submitting work to agents.

  • The books of 2009

    25 Jan 2009

    Ten editors predict which books they think will prosper in 2009. Publishers are always on the lookout for strong narratives, entertaining stories, books that excite us - but that's more true than ever this year. I think it's clear that celebrity books will continue to thrive in the second half of this year, as they have done for many years - with television stars leading the way. We're certainly looking for celebrity-led books but I'm also looking for music autobiographies. I suspect that readers will be thinking twice about paying out for a hardback unless they feel particularly passiona...Read more

  • Publishing Trends

    21 Jan 2009

    Andrew Lownie looks at some recent articles on publishing trends. The daily e mail newsletters Book2book and Publishers Lunch, which provide a range of insights into the current publishing scene, have several articles of interest. Motoko Rich in the New York Times writes on ‘The New Austerity in Publishing’ noting cut backs in American corporate junkets , such as sales conferences, foreign book fairs, and publishing lunches: Book sales have deteriorated since the beginning of October, falling about 7 % compared with the same period the previous year, according to Nielsen Books...Read more

  • A Week in the Life of a Literary Agency

    20 Jan 2009

    Andrew Lownie describes part of his working week in a new 'A Week in the Life of a Literary Agency'. A number of readers have asked if I would write another article about a ‘typical’ week in the agency which I’m happy to do. The first working week of the New Year is less typical than most – no lunches or launches - but a diary of the week’s activities will give some idea of what an agent does. No week is the same but I hope this diary will be helpful in showing the amazing variety of submissions. If there is interest, I can produce such a blog monthly. Mond...Read more

  • What an Author Can Learn from the Music Industry

    11 Dec 2008

    Jeff Rivera in the second of his articles giving tips to authors shows how much can be learnt from other media industries and the importance of authors becoming what he calls author-preneurs. Although sales have declined in the music industry for quite some time, believe it or not the music industry is way ahead in terms of a survival strategy than the book industry. Right now, many of the "powers that be" in the book industry are like record executives who were stuck in the CD days when digital technology became available or worse yet 8-track or vinyl album days. Any change ...Read more

  • The Importance of International Publicity

    10 Dec 2008

    Talking to Andrew Lownie , publicist Sandy Goroff reveals why international publicity is so important and how best it can be arranged. AL: What sort of books can be publicized and how does it vary depending upon the type of book and its international appeal? SG: Authors seek publicity for a number of reasons. For some, it is a matter of selling more books and for others (many) it is building a brand, increasing their name recognition and visbility or establishing themselves as an expert in a particular field. For many, the book is a platform with which to launch other projects, advance...Read more

  • Publicity Tips

    01 Dec 2008

    Journalist and novelist Liane Carter draws on her own experience to give tips on publicity. Her website is You throw your heart and soul into writing the book and suffer the painful growth of editing. But how much are you prepared to do when it comes to publicity? It can be uncomfortable approaching people and selling yourself. You may not have the funds - or want to part with them - to enhance your promotion. The trouble is if you´re not willing to invest in yourself, why should anyone else? First things first – you need a forum to sell your book. If...Read more