• Living Life the Essex Way is Sunday Times number 3

    01 Aug 2012

    Living Life the Essex Way has stormed up the best seller charts again with the start of the new series.

  • Juliet Barker's Brontes picked by Publishers Weekly as one of best new books of week

    31 Jul 2012

    Publishers Weekly has chosen as one of the Best New Books for the Week Juliet Barker’s updated edition of her landmark 1994 biography of the Brontes just published by Pegasus saying:

    Barker (former curator of the Brontë Parsonage Museum at Haworth) expansively narrates the story of a family that left an indelible mark on literary history… Barker restores a rich context to the writers and their works by recounting their education, creative collaborations, and frustrated love lives. Most fascinating is Barker’s attention to the pseudonymous publication and reception of the Brontës’ first poems and novels. The sensitive and elegant writing stimulates genuine pathos for the doomed family, and this volume is sure to remain the most readable scholarly standard for years to come.

  • UK & US rights sold in critical study of psychiatry

    31 Jul 2012

    James Davies’s Cracked: The unhappy truth about psychiatry, which does for psychiatry what Ben Goldacre has done for science, has been sold to Icon in UK and Pegasus in the USA.

  • Octopus buys book on myths about the French

    31 Jul 2012

    Richard Milbank has bought World English rights in Piu Das Gupta’s They eat horses, don’t they?: Myths and facts about the French which he will publish next spring.

  • Living Life the Essex Way spends eleventh week in top ten

    30 Jul 2012

    Living Life the Essex Way is no 10 this week in the hardback non-fiction chart.

  • Little Prisoners remains in top ten

    30 Jul 2012

    Casey Watson’s inspirational memoir Little Prisoners is number 10 this week .

  • Recent Foreign Rights Sales

    19 Jul 2012

    Japanese rights in Geoffrey Roberts’s Stalin’s General to Hakusuisha

    Arabic rights in Lin Noueihed and Alex Warren’s The Battle for the Arab Spring to Salma

    Greek rights in Daniel Tammet’s Born on a Blue Day to Editions Ekkremes

    Czech rights in Nicholas Best’s Five Days That Shook the World to Vlastimil

  • Kerry Katona autobiography to Orion

    19 Jul 2012

    Working in association with Bold Management, the agency has sold Kerry Katona’s new autobiography,to be published in October,to Orion. Her first memoir , Too Much Too Young, was published in 2006 and sold over 250,000 copies. From bad men, drug addiction (both prescribed and unprescribed), bankruptcy, armed robberies, embezzlement, plastic surgery, weight battles, booze, more drugs and being diagnosed bi-polar then conquering the illness – Kerry has survived it all and in this new book she will reveal all the turbulent twists and turns of her rollercoaster life.

  • Living Life the Essex Way is no 6

    18 Jul 2012

    Living Life the Essex Way remains in the hardback non-fiction list at No 6 this week.

  • Little Prisoners is no 8

    17 Jul 2012

    Casey Watson’s Little Prisoners remains in the best seller list at no 8.