• Four Desmond Seward biographies to be reissued by Crux

    07 Jan 2013

    E book publisher Crux have licensed rights in Desmond Seward’s Richard 111, Eugenie, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Napoleon & Hitler.

  • Two new Lawrence James books to Weidenfeld

    07 Jan 2013

    Lawrence James has followed his editor Alan Samson from Little Brown to Weidenfeld for two separately contracted titles:

    Churchill and the British Empire: Portrait of an Imperialist , looking at how Winston Churchill’s view of Empire changed over the course of his political career , will be published in July.

    Divide, Conquer and Rule: The European Powers and Africa, 1840-1970 will embrace the imperial experience of Africa between the early conquests of France in Algeria and Britain in South Africa to the independence movements of the mid-twentieth century and will be published in 2015.

  • Favourite Books of 2012 features in Lost in Fiction

    07 Jan 2013

    The agency’s poll of its writers for the best book read in 2012, won by Alan Partridge’s I Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan , features in Lost in Fiction at

  • The Bookseller: Andrew Lownie developing fiction list

    07 Jan 2013

    The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency has appointed David Haviland to build a fiction list, with the agency having previously specialised in non-fiction…

  • Czech & Slovak rights sold for Success Or Your Money Back

    05 Jan 2013

    Czech and Slovak rights in Shed Simove’s business and psychology book Success Or Your Money Back, which features thirty secrets for success, and has garnered nineteen 5* reviews on Amazon, have been bought by Ottovo through Marion Bardou at Hay House.

  • Crying For Help selected for Kindle 100

    05 Jan 2013

    Casey Watson’s Crying For Help has been chosen by Amazon for its very successful Kindle 100 programme. For the next month, the book will be heavily promoted, and available to US readers for just $1.99.

  • Seven weeks in NY Times top twenty for Damaged

    03 Jan 2013

    Cathy Glass’s Damaged is at number 11 in this week’s New York Times non-fiction bestseller list, making it seven consecutive weeks in the top twenty.

  • I Miss Mummy selected for Kindle 100

    03 Jan 2013

    After the recent success of Damaged, Cathy Glass’s I Miss Mummy has been chosen by Amazon for its very successful Kindle 100 programme. For the next month, the book will be heavily promoted, and available to US readers for just $1.99.

  • The Custard Boys wins at the So So Gay Awards

    02 Jan 2013

    At the 2012 So So Gay Awards, the winners included Downton Abbey, Lana Del Rey, and new play The Custard Boys, based on the novel by agency author John Rae.

    The play was adapted and directed by the Bafta-winning Glenn Chandler, creator of Taggart, and opened at the Tabard Theatre last April.

    In The Custard Boys, five London schoolboys are evacuated to a Norfolk seaside village, far from Hitler’s bombs. They want to fight for England but are too young to join up and too old to wait. They join the school army cadet force and learn to fire rifles, they form a gang and play at being soldiers. But it is not real war.

    Sixteen year old John Curlew dreams of being a Spitfire pilot. Mark Stein is Jewish and a pacifist refugee who hates the war and longs for it to end. When these two boys are thrown together and form a romantic bond, their friendship splits the group and invites fear and prejudice. But it is a challenge to a rival gang which becomes the catalyst for a sinister train of events. While men die in their thousands overseas, in a small corner of rural England a group of schoolboys embark on a final war game which will lead ultimately to tragedy.

    The Custard Boys was filmed in the 1960s as Reach for Glory and is a story of sexual awakening, loyalty and betrayal which was compared upon publication to Lord of the Flies.

  • A Baby's Cry is 17th bestselling memoir of 2012

    02 Jan 2013

    More success for Cathy Glass, whose book A Baby’s Cry was the 17th bestselling memoir of 2012, below Tulisa but above Justin Bieber.