• Novel fish and chip recipe

    03 Aug 2010

    Gurpareet Bain’s Indian Superfood has generated a lot of interest. His recipe for fish and chips is now running on Love Reading here:

  • In the Key of Genius shoots up Amazon

    03 Aug 2010

    After Derek Paravinci’s apearance again on Sixty Minutes, Adam Ockelford’s book on him In the Key of Genius has shot to No 73 on

  • Terror Cops WH Smith non-fiction Book of the Month

    03 Aug 2010

    Harry Keeble and Kris Holllington’s Terror Cops is WH Smith’s non-fiction book of the month for August

  • I Miss Mummy is no 6

    03 Aug 2010

    Cathy Glass’s I Miss Mummy is no 6 in this week’s Bookseller paperback non-fiction list.

  • Cathy Glass is no 5

    28 Jul 2010

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose I Miss Mummy has sold 3,935 copies this week, putting it at number 5 in the bestsellers charts.

  • I MIss Mummy reaches no 11

    22 Jul 2010

    Cathy Glass’s I Miss Mummy is no 11 in the WHSmith’s stores non-fiction chart this week.

  • New Cathy Glass bestseller

    21 Jul 2010

    Cathy Glass’s new fostering memoir I Miss Mummy is Number 15 on the Sunday Times paperback list this week.

  • Empires of the Sea top ten history book

    16 Jul 2010

    Congratulations to Roger Crowley whose Empires of the Sea: the Final Battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580 has been selected by the Independent as one of their ten best history books. “Despite a title that ignores the Second World War, this book is a page-turning narrative of an epic struggle between rival empires and faiths, while the tale of Barbarossa proves that pirates aren’t just peg-legged buccaneers in the Caribbean.”

  • Angelina Jolie's favourite book is Vlad the Impaler

    15 Jul 2010

    Agency author MJ Trow had a surprise when he recently discovered his history of Dracula had been chosen as by Angelina Jolie as her favourite book. Full details at here.

  • Two agency books in top 50

    15 Jul 2010

    Congratulations to Richard Aldrich whose history of GCHQ enters the hardback non-fiction list at no 46 and Cathy Glasss whose latest memoir I Miss Mummy is no 47 in the paperback non-fiction list this week.