• War Books Review

    26 Nov 2009

    Author Adrian Gilbert has just launched a website specialising in military book reviews. Given his extensive knowledge of military history, the site should be authoritative and useful for writers, book buyers and publishers. It can be found at

  • Three authors in top ten!

    25 Nov 2009

    Congratulations to these three agency authors who are in the paperback non-fiction bestsellers list

    Cassie Harte’s I Did Tell, I Did is no 2

    Alice Jamieson’s Today I’m Alice is no 8

    Cathy Glass’s The Saddest Girl in the World is no 10

    A record for one agency?

  • Alice Jamieson's Today I'm Alice is no 8

    24 Nov 2009

    Alice Jamieson’s Today I’m Alice is at number 10 in the non fiction paperback bestseller list this week and as the Sunday Times excludes reference titles, is number 8 in Sunday Times chart.

  • Praise for Peter Forbes's Dazzled & Deceived

    24 Nov 2009

    “The natural armoury of deceptions as depicted in Dazzled and Deceived is astounding, and the history of research into the phenomenon is just as surprising … Forbes presents an authoritative account of research into mimicry and brings it bang up to date”

    Gail Vines, New Scientist

    “This may well be the only book on evolution that we will ever review on this site, and it’s a good one … a fascinating story of scientific discovery and controversy, coming right up to the present day. Forbes does a very good job of explaining some very complicated theories, and has produced a classic work of popular science.”

  • Praise for Juliet Barker's Conquest: The English Kingdom of France

    24 Nov 2009

    “…a magnificently readable account of the last four decades of that war…Juliet Barker’s account of Joan of Arc is one of the best parts of the book…I thought Agincourt was a superb book, but Conquest is even better. Once upon a time there was an English kingdom in France and Juliet Barker has brought it to extraordinary life.” Bernard Cornwell, Mail on Sunday

  • Praise for Tim Newark from an unexpected source

    24 Nov 2009

    Praise for Tim Newark , whose Highlander has just been published by Constable, has come from an unexpected source. After Newark sprung to Trump’s defence over plans for a golf complex in North East Scotland, Trump described Newark as “one of the most preeminent historians in Scotland.” More details at

  • Christian Wolmar's Blood, Iron and Gold

    24 Nov 2009

    • Christian Wolmar’s history of the railways Blood, Iron and Gold is ranked on Amazon as follows:

    1 in Books > Business, Finance & Law > Economics > History 1 in Books > Business, Finance & Law > Biographies & Histories > Business & Economic History 2 in Books > Study Books > Professional > Business & Management > Economics
  • Three in top 20 non-fiction paperback list including no 1.

    24 Nov 2009

    Congratulations to Cassie Harte, Cathy Glass and Alice Jamieson for making the top 20 paperback non-fiction list for their respective memoirs I Did Tell, I Did, The Saddest Girl in the World and Today, I’m Alice.

  • Gurpareet Bains on STV

    18 Nov 2009

    Gurpareet Bain’s appearance last night on STV can be seen by clicking on the link, then clicking on Part 2, and watching from 06:55.

  • No 1 again!

    17 Nov 2009

    Congratulations to Cassie Harte whose memoir I Did Tell, I Did remains at no 1 in paperback non-fiction and Cathy Glass whose The Saddest Girl in the World remains for a fourth week in the list at no 7. Alice Jamieson’s Today I’m Alice though only published a few days ago is no 21 so stayed tuned for an even better position next week.