• Cathy Glass and Doug Beattie

    22 Oct 2009

    Cathy Glass’s The Saddest Girl in the World enters the bestselling chart at Number 4.

    Doug Beattie’s Task Force Helmand was extracted in a second serial by the News of the World

  • The most successful non-fiction agency in the UK

    18 Oct 2009

    It's official. The agency is the most successful non-fiction agency in the United Kingdom thanks to its brilliant authors.

  • Never Say Die

    18 Oct 2009

    Serial in Mel Davies's Never Say Die has been sold to the Sunday Mirror.

  • Randall Hansen

    18 Oct 2009

    Randall Hansen’s Fire and Fury has been nominated for this year’s Governor-General’s Award.

  • Alan Baker

    18 Oct 2009

    Alan Baker’s article on script evaluation services can be seen at

  • City Girl

    18 Oct 2009

    City Girl has made it into top five business biographies in this week’s Spectator.

  • Christopher Lloyd

    18 Oct 2009

    Author Christopher Lloyd has developed an online game to help promote his new book What on Earth Evolved? 100 Species that Changed the World (Bloomsbury, October).

    The five-minute game, said to be loosely based on the board game "Snakes and Ladders", tests your knowledge of the natural world.

    Lloyd is set to donate £1 from the future proceeds of the book to environmental charities for each player, to a maximum of £5,000. The game can be played at

  • Michael Perham

    30 Sep 2009

    Michael Perham's memoir of the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world, Dangerous Seas , to Transworld for publication next spring.

  • Gary Smailes

    30 Sep 2009

    Gary Smailes's battle history series for teenagers to Hachette Childrens

  • City Girl

    13 Sep 2009

    City Girl is no. 2 on Amazon's  Biography and Memoir bestseller list