• Holocaust book to Chicago Review Press

    06 Jul 2016

    Chicago Review Press have bought North American rights in Jeremy Dronfield’s The Stone Crusher: The True Story of the Kleinmann Family‚Äôs Fight for Survival in the Holocaust

  • History of Antarctica to OUP

    06 Jul 2016

    David Day has been commissioned to write a history of Antarctica for an Oxford University Press series.

  • Rebel Courts to Hurst

    06 Jul 2016

    World rights in Frank Ledwidge’s book Rebel Courts have been bought by Hurst & Co.

  • Recent Foreign Rights Sales

    02 Jul 2016

    French rights in Looking Through You: The Beatles Book Monthly Photo Archive by Tom Adams.

    Chinese rights in The Black Door: Spies, Secret Intelligence and British Prime Ministers by Richard Aldrich and Rory Cormac.

    Hebrew rights in Curse on this Country by Danny Orbach

  • New biography of E.S. Nesbit to Duckworth & Overlook

    02 Jul 2016

    Duckworth and Overlook have jointly bought World English rights in Eleanor Fitzsimons’s new life of Edith Nesbit (1858-1924) considered to be the first modern writer for children and a key influence for writers from C.S. Lewis to J.K. Rowling.

  • US & UK rights sold in Ghost Riders

    02 Jul 2016

    Icon have bought UK and Da Capo North American rights in Ghost Riders, Mark Felton’s filmic account of how GIs joined forces with surrendered German soldiers and liberated prisoners-of-war to save the worlds finest horses from the SS and Red Army in an extraordinary battle at the close of the war in Europe.

  • The Ottoman Endgame shortlisted for 2015 Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature

    16 Jun 2016

    Sean McMeekin’s The Ottoman Endgame is one of six books shortlisted for the 2015 Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature . The final winner will be announced at the annual award ceremony in the autumn .

  • David McClure on royal finances

    10 Jun 2016

    David McClure has written a very interesting piece for the International Business Times on the royal family’s mysterious finances.

    ‘They do things differently on Planet Windsor. That’s the term given by Prince Charles’s most recent biographer to the rarefied world inhabited by the royal family. What Catherine Mayer had in mind were the peculiarities and rivalries of court life, but in my experience researching a book on the wealth of the Windsors it also applies to how the royal family is immune to the normal rules of public scrutiny.’

    I tried to find out just how rich the royal family is - it’s a well-kept secret

  • Todd Crowell on China-Japan hostility

    01 Jun 2016

    Todd Crowell has written a fascinating new article on the tense situation between China and Japan. “China and Japan are redefining the nature and purpose of the Coast Guard. Americans still think in terms of air-sea rescue or chasing drug smugglers when they think about their Coast Guard. China and Japan think about their Coast Guards in terms of realpolitik. The two nominally civilian services are on the front lines of territorial disputes in the South and East China Seas. Both countries are adding to their coast guard fleets at a breakneck pace. One could almost call it a Coast Guard arms race, except that the vessels are lightly armed if armed at all.”

    A Coast Guard Arms Race

    Todd’s Kindle Single on this subject, The Coming War, was recently published by Thistle Books.