• Over 499 5* reviews for Bye Mam, I Love You: A Daughter's Last Words

    18 Sep 2015

    Congratulations to Sonia Oatley and Lynne Barrett-Lee whose Bye Mam, I Love You: A Daughter’s Last Words. A Mother’s Search for Justice. The Shocking True Story of the Murder of Rebecca Aylward now has 439 5* reviews on Amazon

  • Over 100 5* reviews for Mummy's Little Angels

    18 Sep 2015

    Congratulations to Denise Williams and Julie McCaffrey whose Mummy’s Little Angels: A mother’s agonising story of losing her sons to a murderous father now has over 100 5* star reviews on Amazon.

  • Two authors in paperback non-fiction bestseller list

    18 Sep 2015

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose Girl Alone is no 6 and Irene Kelly and Katy Weitz whose Sins of the Mother is no 14 in today’s official UK bestseller list in The Bookseller.

  • Andrew Lownie talking at International Writers Conference

    18 Sep 2015

    Andrew Lownie will be speaking at the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera 24th to 27th September taking part in masterclasses and panels on thriller writing. More details here.

  • Sins of the Mother is number 7 in Sunday Times bestseller list

    17 Sep 2015

    Congratulations to Katy Weitz and Irene Kelly whose Sins of the Mothers remains at no.7 in the Sunday Times paperback non-fiction chart.

  • Andrew Lownie one of London's top 1000

    17 Sep 2015

    Andrew Lownie is one of London’s thousand most influential people according to the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 announced today.

    Andrew Lownie - Literary agent

    The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency describes itself as a “boutique” operation, representing an astonishing range of books, from Oxford reference dictionaries to Towie offshoots. President of the Union at Cambridge, Lownie worked in publishing before becoming an agent and setting up his own business. He has not only written a biography of John Buchan, but also has created the Biographers’ Club to support first-time biographers.

    The full literati list can be found here.

  • Cabin Fever in Caribbean World

    17 Sep 2015

    Cabin Fever continues to generate media interest…

  • Cathy Glass is no 2

    15 Sep 2015

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose new memoir, Girl Alone, has charted at Number 2 in the Sunday Times paperback bestsellers charts this week.

  • Stalin's Englishman in the Telegraph

    15 Sep 2015

    Andrew Lownie’s new biography of Guy Burgess, Stalin’s Englishman, has been generating huge media interest, including the following piece in the Telegraph.

  • Interview with Mandy Smith

    15 Sep 2015

    An interview with Mandy Smith, co-author of Cabin Fever can be found at