• Recent Foreign Rights sales

    12 Sep 2022

    German rights in Angela Findlay’s In My Grandfather’s Shadow: A lost story of war, trauma and the legacy of silence

    Korean rights in Paul Jones’ Why Is This A Question? : And Everything Else You Wanted To Know About Language

    Spanish rights in Chris Woodford’s Breathless: How air pollution became the world’s biggest killer

  • French murder mystery bought by Icon

    11 Sep 2022

    World English rights in The Drummond Affair: : Murder and Mystery in Provence by Stephanie Matthews with Dan Smith have been bought by Icon.

  • Undercover cop memoir to Icon

    11 Sep 2022

    World English rights in Burnout: Exposing the bad guys as a female undercover cop by Officer K and Doug Wight have been bought by Icon.

  • Latest Cathy Glass straight in at no 1

    11 Sep 2022

    Congratulations to Cathy Glass whose memoir A Family Torn Apart: Three sisters and a dark secret that threatens to separate them for ever has gone straight to no 1 in the paperback non fiction list on only a half week of sales.

  • US rights in book on Salon Kitty sold to Pegasus

    22 Aug 2022

    North American rights in Kitty’s Salon: Sex, Spying and Surveillance in the Third Reich by Urs Brunner, Julia Schrammel and Nigel Jones have been sold to Pegasus.

  • Dali book optioned for film

    22 Aug 2022

    Clifford Thurlow’s Sex, Surrealism, Dali and Me : The Memoirs of Carlos Lozano has been optioned by Octavia Peissel at OP Productions.

  • D Day deception book to Icon

    22 Aug 2022

    Icon have bought UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) in Taylor Downing’s The Army that Never Was: Gen Patton & the Deception that Helped Bring Victory on D-Day

  • New Lisa Stone to Harper Collins

    26 Jul 2022

    Harper Collins have bought world rights in Lisa Stone’s latest psychological thriller The Gathering.

  • Recent Foreign Rights sales

    26 Jul 2022

    Korean rights in Andy Dobson’s Flaws of Nature: A guide to the outer reaches of evolution

    French rights in Danny Orbach’s Fugitives : A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War

    German rights in Nick Pope’s Encounter in Rendlesham Forest

  • Icon buy spy biography

    16 Jul 2022

    Icon have bought World English rights in Traitor’s Odyssey: Martha Dodd, her Circle and Soviet Espionage in America