• Jeremy Dronfield is Sunday Times bestseller

    29 Jan 2019

    Congratulations to Jeremy Dronfield whose The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz is no 4 in the Sunday Times bestseller list this week.

  • Dronfield is Amazon No 1

    26 Jan 2019

    Congratulations to Jeremy Dronfield whose The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz has gone straight to no 1 on Amazon.

  • Recent Foreign Rights sales

    18 Jan 2019

    Romanian rights in Jeremy Dronfield’s The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz.

    French rights in Cathy Glass’s Where has Mummy Gone?

    Czech rights in Christian Jennings’ The Third Reich is Listening: Inside German code-breaking 1935-‘45.

  • Mr Five Per Cent is No 3

    18 Jan 2019

    Congratulations to Jonathan Conlin whose Mr Five Per Cent: : the many lives of Calouste Gulbenkian, the world’s richest man is no 3 in the Evening Standard’s London’s Bestsellers.

  • Ian Graham chosen for Summer Reading Challenge

    18 Jan 2019

    Congratulations to Ian Graham whose Curious Questions & Answers About…The Solar System has been chosen by The Reading Agency in their category 4-7 years old for their Summer Reading Challenge 2019

  • Recent Foreign Rights sales

    02 Jan 2019

    Chinese rights in Gavin Evans’ The Story of Colour.

    Vietnamese rights in Daniel Tammet’s Born on a Blue Day, Thinking in Numbers, Embracing the Wide Sky and Every Word is a Bird We Teach to Sing.

  • Praise for Tom Devine

    02 Jan 2019

    Recent praise for Tom Devine’s The Scottish Clearances : A History of the Dispossessed 1500-1900.

    ’ Absolutely magnificent.It is beautifully clear,admirably lucid,truly genuine and very judicious…a genius for cleaving the way through modern scholarship while remaining firmly on a level of comradely instruction rather than condescension or conceit.’ Owen Dudley Edwards historian and author at the University of Edinburgh.20 November 2018

    ‘Diana Gabaldon admires a riveting study of the forces that separated thousands of Scots from their land. The detail and depth of knowledge displayed are remarkable - but what’s truly amazing is how damn readable it is! The scholarship is ironclad … filled with fascinating details’. Diana Gabaldon The Telegraph 2 November 2018

    ’ Devine’s book should be in every Scottish library,private as well as public.He is a master in moulding the morass of new historiographic material into a digestible whole.He writes with admirable clarity,sticking closely to verifiable information, with two audiences in mind, one his peers in universities, the other the reading public.’ Alan Taylor Scottish Review of Books 10 November 2018

    ’ A great historian punctures a national myth.This superb book is written by a member of the Scottish intellectual aristocracy(Tom Devine is a knight as well as a professor)which renders its conclusions almost unassailable.This is a life work…what is obvious is that the book is massively researched.’ David Aaronovitch The Times 10 November 2018

    ‘A fine eye for detail with meticulously researched discussion…It is to Devine’s great credit that he has softened the mythology of the Clearances and restored a forgotten people to the historical record.’ Alastair Benn Reaction 16 November 2018

    ‘Highly recommenced. Very well written and all the points are clearly explained so easily accessible for the general reader.Everything Devine writes is worth reading-he is a Scottish history course in himself.Five stars.’ FictionFan’s Book Reviews 17 December 2018

    ’ Thankfully into the debate comes Tom Devine,Scotland’s best modern historian…he make history accessible backed up with formidable original research…a balanced,detailed and extremely readable account of one of the saddest events in (Scotland’s) history.’ Ewen MacAskill The Guardian Book of the Day 22 December 2018

  • Tim Tate awarded Eric Ambler award

    18 Dec 2018

    Congratulations to Tim Tate who has been awarded the Eric Ambler Award, in memory of the spy thriller writer.

    “I’m deeply honoured to receive the Eric Ambler Award. The grant will greatly assist with the cost of researching my new non-fiction book on one of the most important, yet least understood, spies of the Cold War. Uncovering this previously-hidden story involves extensive work in archives throughout Europe and the United States; the award is a huge help in funding this research. I am profoundly grateful for this support.”

  • Recent Foreign Rights sales

    17 Dec 2018

    Romanian rights in Nicholas Best’s Target Jablunka.

    Italian and Polish rights in Julia Boyd’s Travellers in the Third Reich.

    Greek rights in Nessa Carey’s Junk DNA.

    Vietnamese rights in Cathy Glass’s Another Forgotten Child.

    Romanian rights in Christian Jennings’s The Third Reich is Listening: Inside German code-breaking 1935-‘45.

  • 'Darling Winston, Dearest Mamma' is Book of the Year

    17 Dec 2018

    Congratulations to David Lough whose collection of correspondence between Winston Churchill and his mother , Darling Winston, Dearest Mamma, was a Daily Mail Book of the Year. They wrote ‘This sparkling volume will be devoured by all who revere Churchill.’