• Wilde's Women shortlisted for Rubery Book Award

    12 Jul 2017

    Congratulations to Eleanor Fitzsimons whose Wilde’s Women , published by Duckworth and Overlook, has made the short list for the Rubery Book Award, an international prize for indie writers, self published authors and books published by independent presses.

  • Recent Foreign Rights sales

    12 Jul 2017

    Spanish rights in Julian Maclaren-Ross’s Of Love and Hunger

    Macedonian rights in John Worthen’s life of Robert Schumann.

  • US rights sold in book on the Queen's childhood

    06 Jul 2017

    Globe Pequot have bought North American rights in Jane Dismore’s Behind Golden Doors: the life of Princess Elizabeth. The book will be published next year.

  • New Cathy Glass memoir to Harper Collins

    06 Jul 2017

    Collins have bought world rights in Cathy Glass’s latest fostering memoir A Long Way From Home, the story of Anna originally brought up in a state orphanage.

  • Yale buy study of Churchill in pivotal year 1921

    23 Jun 2017

    Yale have bought World English rights in David Stafford’s Churchill 1921: This wonderful and terrible year a year which transformed him from the caricatured figure of the bombastic and unpredictable risk taker to statesmanlike Cabinet member and potential prime minister.

  • Weekend Walks to Pavilion

    23 Jun 2017

    Pavilion have bought world rights in Mark Conroy’s Weekend Walks which explore the lives and works of literary greats from Shakespeare to Dickens, film favourites from Harry Potter to James Bond, historical events from the Great Fire to the Blitz, legends from the Beatles to Jack the Ripper, landmarks from Olympic Parks to Royal Palaces.

  • Great review for The Saint Jude Rules

    14 Jun 2017

    Another terrific review for The Saint Jude Rules, book three in Dominic Adler’s gritty Cal Winter series of action-packed thrillers.

    “Hard-hitting, smart and snarky, this non-stop action romp pulls few punches as rogue Special Ops killers bite back at the illicit agency which betrayed them.”

    Full review - Murder Mayhem & More

  • Rights in former US Secret Service agent's thriller sold in UK & US.

    14 Jun 2017

    Rights in former US Secret Service agent Larry Enmon’s thriller The Wormwood Mystery have been sold to Bloodhound Books in UK and Crooked Lane Publishing in the US.

  • Crime Squad makes ITV1’s Judge Rinder’s Real Crimes.

    14 Jun 2017

    Kris Hollington and Mike Pannett have just appeared on ITV1’s Judge Rinder’s Real Crimes. Their book Crime Squad formed the basis for Episode 8.

  • Dominic Adler interviewed by The Indie View

    13 Jun 2017

    Thriller writer Dominic Adler has given an interview to The Indie View, promoting his latest action-packed novel, The Saint Jude Rules, which is the third book so far in the bestselling Cal Winter series.

    The Indie View