Why Fish Fart: and Other Useless Information About the World...
David Haviland

Why Fish Fart: and Other Useless Information About the World...

Why Fish Fart by Francesca Gould (edited by David Haviland)

Published in the UK as Horny Lizards and Headless Chickens

Why Fish Fart deals with the most world’s most unpleasant creatures, diseases, physical deformities, hideous tortures, and every other type of horrifying, nauseating fact imaginable.

Questions posed in the book address matters such as: What is maggot cheese? How did anal hair help to lead to the conviction of the Great Train Robbers? What was the job of a ‘Fart Catcher’? And where in the world can you find a speciality penis restaurant?’

The book is chock full of disgusting and sickening facts. For example, did you know that one pound of peanut butter can contain up to 150 insect parts, and five rodent hairs? Are you aware of the many uses for human cadavers, or the longest recorded distance for projectile vomiting? The book will cover a huge range of horrible subjects, which most books have the good sense to avoid, including Aztec sacrifices, bizarre medical treatments, body snatchers, cannibalism, and eye-wateringly unpleasant execution methods. Those readers brave or foolhardy enough to persevere will learn of lizards that squirt blood out of their eyes, and fart-loving cockroaches who like to eat our hair and nails while we sleep! Through the gaps of their fingers, our intrepid seekers of knowledge will learn every unspeakable, unsavoury detail about their own bodies, and the myriad creep-crawlies that reside therein!

Francesca Gould

Francesca Gould was born in 1970 in Bath. Her favourite lesson in school was biology and, although a vegetarian, she recalls being fascinated by the structure of a bull’s eye, and the squelching noise it made when pricked with a scalpel. She has been fascinated by biology and human anatomy ever since.

Francesca has been an anatomy and physiology lecturer for many years. She is also the author of several textbooks on the subject; some of which have been widely translated. She also runs her own training school in Bristol, and teaches a broad range of courses.

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  • Author: David Haviland
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David Haviland

David Haviland is a writer, editor, and ghostwriter, with a number of bestselling books to his name, which have been sold to publishers all over the world and widely serialised.David has written a number of books of amusing trivia and popular science. The most recent, How To Remove A Brain (Summersdale, 2012), is a collection of fascinating stories and anecdotes concerning the history of medicine and health. This book was previously published by Penguin in the US as Why You Should Store Your Farts in a Jar.David's next book is a myth-busting guide to history, revealing the truth behind many...
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