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Katharine Quarmby

Katharine Quarmby is a Contributor at Mosiac Science magazine and a Royal Literary Fund Fellow (September 2015-2017, at the London School of Economics). She is an award-winning writer, journalist and film-maker specialising in social affairs with an investigative edge.

Her most recent book, Hear My Cry, with the British Yemeni ‘honour violence’ survivor, Diana Kader, will be published in 2015 in Poland.

In 2007 Katharine started to investigate a number of violent killings of disabled men and women across the UK. Her first non-fiction book, chronicling such crimes, Scapegoat: why we are failing disabled people (Portobello Press, 2011), won a prestigious international award, the Ability Media Literature award, in 2011. In 2012 Katharine was shortlisted for the Paul Foot award for campaigning journalism, by the Guardian and Private Eye magazine, for her five years of campaigning against disability hate. Katharine and her fellow volunteer co-ordinators of the Disability Hate Crime Network, were honoured with Radar’s Human Rights People of the Year award, for their work on disability hate crime in 2010.

Her second non-fiction book, on Gypsies, Roma and Travellers in the UK, No Place to Call Home: Inside the Real Lives of Gypsies and Travellers, was published by Oneworld in 2013 and received excellent reviews and was shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Non-Fiction award.

Katharine also published her first Kindle Single, about the search for her Iranian birth father, an essay that also celebrates the love of her adoptive family. Of Blood and Water was published by Thistle Publishing and is available on Amazon as an e-book. Her second e-book, Aftermath, about the Rwandan genocide, was published in 2014. Her third, about her adoptive family’s connection with Gavrilo Princip, The Priest, The Assassin and Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, was also published in 2014, as was her Newsweek Imprints e-book, Romani Pilgrims.

She also enjoys writing books for young children. She is currently working with traditional story-tellers on an innovative project for a British publisher. Her first book, Fussy Freya and the Fabulous Feast, was published in 2008. 

How I Found the Agency

I approached Andrew a few years ago when I was at the Economist to discuss a number of book ideas, and he was extremely helpful and informative, then, and has been ever since. I’m very pleased to be represented by him

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