Extraordinaire:: Sexcapades with Younger Men.
Katreen Hardt

Extraordinaire:: Sexcapades with Younger Men.

When Katreen Hardt is dumped by her boyfriend, a man who had confessed his undying love for her after their third date, seducing her with talk of marriage and family, she is devastated. After three years, and two failed rounds of IVF, as well as a series of painful events, including the death of her father, he ends the relationship – no explanation given.

She moves out of the house they shared and into a flat where she surrounds herself with pretty things as instructed by her mother. With the encouragement of her girlfriends, all of whom are married with children, she decides to (again) try her luck at love.

Like so many middle-aged would-be daters, Katreen finds herself experimenting with the dating app, Tinder. Despite the superficialness of it all, it is entertaining, and a whole new world opens up to her by simply adjusting the search to include (or exclude) a particular age group. It's not that Katreen seeks out younger men, but rather, suddenly younger men are pursuing her. As messages fill her inbox, she is tickled.

But it is not just on Tinder that she finds her potential lovers eager to please and impress. Katreen is also meeting men decades younger in the real world – on the street, whilst juggling bags of groceries, in swanky hotels, on holiday to the Canary Islands, even on a New Year's Eve flight from Dubai to Hamburg.

Although she doesn't get as far as a physical encounter with all of them, when she does, it is the most exciting sex she's ever had: their bodies are honed and beautiful and, at that age, their sex drive insatiable. While in the past she might've let the man take the lead, for the first time, Katreen feels empowered and in control, as she enjoys one orgasm after the next.

Then at a Christmas ball in Cinderella-like fashion she meets Alexander, a tall, dark and handsome 44-year-old divorcee, who immediately sends her heart aflutter. He is unlike any other man she's ever met. But does he have what it takes to get Katreen to give up her newfound sexual freedom?

A glimpse into today's hook-up culture where casual sexual encounters and one-night stands are both accepted and encouraged, this saucy memoir explores the idea of why older men are rejected by women their own age, as women who go out of their way to lead an active and healthy life are naturally more attracted to men of the same ilk.

It also asks the question: What does it even mean to be young? Although it takes place in Germany, it not only reflects the attitudes of German millennial men, but compares their inclinations to those of their British and American counterparts.

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Katreen Hardt

Katreen Hardt has been a freelance journalist for 15 years and an actress for over 20 years, performing in theatrical productions across Germany. She has written regularly for leading UK women's magazines including Grazia, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Look and Marie Claire, as well as the newspaper the Daily Mail. Other women's magazines she has written for include Fabulous, Healthy, Woman & Home, Easy Living, Reader’s Digest, Woman, Woman's Own, Best, Reveal, Mother & Baby, Pregnancy & Birth, Eve and Buzz. Katreen specialises in real life stories, from the tale of an Afghan r...
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