Mike Croll


This book explains how security developed into a $250 billion global business and why the more security we have, the more we want.


Security is a baggy term with many meanings, but in this context it is physical security: how we protect ourselves and our property from other people. The central figure is the security guard, not the soldier who defends against hostile states, nor the police officer who enforces the law. Security describes the transition from the night watchman keeping a sleepy eye out, to cyber systems observing everything, everywhere, all the time.


Security is panoramic rather than encyclopaedic, an insider account, not an academic tome. It shines a light on a theme that is both familiar and surprising. It will challenge how you view security guards, CCTV, airport security, insurance, locks, mercenaries, diplomats in war zones, counter terrorism, home security, cyber security, corporate security, and security technology.


It explains how an alignment of interests between security and insurance companies, the media, lawyers, high finance, politicians, and human nature, generate fear and create a market for yet more security.


As security incorporates advanced technology: surveillance systems, facial recognition, drones, artificial intelligence, digital analytics and electronic access devices, are we creating Big Brother or Big Mother?


No other book covers these broad and topical themes. It’s a valuable contribution to debate about contemporary society and where it is heading. Whilst it’s a serious subject, it’s highly engaging and handled with a light touch.



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  • Author: Mike Croll
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Mike Croll

Mike Croll

Mike Croll has held some of the most senior appointments in international security management including Head of Overseas Security at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Head of Security for European Union Delegations world-wide, Director of United Nations Global Security Operations, Facebook’s Head of Security for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has worked in Africa for one of the earliest private military companies and he’s been a uniformed security guard at a supermarket.   He has spent 30 years working internationally from Baghdad to New York, from Phnom Penh t...
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