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Security explains how security developed into a $250 billion global business and how our insatiable appetite for security will create a world where everything is monitored and controlled.


Security is a baggy term with many meanings, but in this context it is physical security.  It is not about defending against hostile states, that is what soldiers do. It is not about law enforcement, that is what police officers do. It’s about how we protect ourselves and our property from other people. The central figure is the security officer, who is increasingly supported by CCTV, surveillance systems, drones, digital analytics and high-tech access systems. How did we make the transition from night watchmen keeping a sleepy eye out, to cyber systems observing everything, everywhere, all the time? How does the security industry stoke our anxieties then sell products to soothe them?


It’s a serious subject handled with a light touch, making a broad and complex subject accessible and engaging.


What makes it new and special?


-          No other book covers this subject.  This book opens the door to a subject that is both familiar and surprising.


-          It’s panoramic rather than encyclopaedic, an insider account not an academic tome.


-          It describes what it is like to work inside Facebook’s physical security team.


-          It provides an insight into the stoke and soothe anxiety model of selling security products.


-          It considers how security will develop in the future including the impact of technology, the law, the internet, digital analytics, and the human quest for zero risk.


-          Security is one of the fastest growing fields of study with over 1,500 Masters and Batchelors course between the UK and the US. Yet there is no book that puts the subject in perspective.


-          Everyone has experience of security: at an airport, online, in a shopping mall, and at home. Everyone has both thoughts and feelings about security. So, it is broadly relatable and it’s topical.


-          It’s a valuable contribution to debate about contemporary society and where it is heading.


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Mike Croll

Mike Croll

Mike Croll has held some of the most senior appointments in international security management: Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Head of Overseas Security. European Union: Head of Security for EU Delegations world-wide. United Nations: Director of Global Security Operations. Facebook: Head of Security for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. DSL (Private Military Company): Operations Officer London and Mozambique   He has spent 30 years working internationally from Baghdad to New York, from Phnom Penh to Maputo. As well as a security manager, he has also been a diplomat and a bomb...
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