Britannia: The Wall
Richard Denham

Britannia: The Wall

367 AD is one of the critical dates in British history; Roman Britain stood on the brink of chaos, but the date means little to most people now. Time has erased the memory and it is now only rarely mentioned in historical books. "The Britannia Series: I - The Wall" introduces the reader to this tumultuous age and we share the adventure, confusion and bewilderment of our heroes, four common soldiers stationed at Hadrian's Wall. We find them caught up in the madness of the beginning of a chain of events which would eventually lead to the fall of Roman Britain and the beginning of the Dark Ages.

The story opens in 367 AD and four soldiers, Justinus, Paternus, Leocadius and Vitalis are out hunting for food supplies at an outpost of Hadrian's Wall when the Wall itself is attacked.

The four find their fort destroyed and its garrison killed; and Paternus cannot find his wife and son.

As they run south to Eboracum, they realize that this is no ordinary border raid. Ranged against the Romans at the edge of the world are four different peoples and they have banded together under a mysterious leader who wears a silver mask and uses the name Valentinus - man of Valentia, the turbulent area north of the Wall.

Faced with questions they are hard-pressed to answer, Leocadius blurts out a story that makes the men Heroes of the Wall. Their lives change not only when Valentinus begins his lethal sweep across Britannia but as soon as Leo's lie is out in the world, growing and changing as it goes.

Will the Wall be rebuilt and the power of Rome re-established? And will our four Heroes reach the end of their journey?

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Richard Denham

Richard Denham is the son of a retired sergeant in the British Army and is interested in military history. He has a young son named Tristan, and struggles to deny that he is named after one of King Arthur's knights.Richard enjoys collaborations and is the co-author of the popular 'Britannia' series with M. J. Trow which follows a group of soldiers and their descendants through the madness of a chain of events which will eventually lead to the fall of Roman Britain and the descent into the Dark Ages.
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