Dark Water
Simon Thould

Dark Water

Alex Rafter, ex-army sniper, was adjusting to civilian life in Dark Water, a remote cottage in the New Forest, when he is asked to use his military skills to find a missing girl by her desperate mother. Rafter agrees, for his own reasons as well as to help the woman, and sets off to track the girl's horse through the Forest.

He comes across two friends of the girl who tell Rafter that the girl could be with a foreign footballer who lives in a large house near the Forest. Rafter goes there but is turned away twice, the second time by armed thugs. Uncertain about the girl's whereabouts, Rafter visits the police for information, but they are disinterested. But a local gardener from the footballer's house turns up at Dark Water to tell Rafter he has seen the girl there.

Rafter has the help of the local pub landlord, who is also a former soldier, to get to the house at night. Breaking in, he finds the footballer but is told that the girl is gone, handed over to gang of people traffickers from Southampton to settle a debt. As he leaves, Rafter is intercepted by some gang members and has to shoot his way out to get away.

Back in the pub, the attractive local veterinary tells Rafter she knows the footballers as they go to the same casino in Southampton that she does. She finds out the address the gang's house and tells Rafter. The pub landlord knows the Chapter of the Hell's Angels that have a club in the same area as the gang's house and arranges for Rafter to call on them for information. Rafter stays with the Hell's Angels, who agree to help as they want the gang out of the area. Rafter talks things over with the Hell's Angels and decides on a way to get into the gangs' house early the next morning.

Rafter sets up with a  rifle during the night, in an empty building opposite the gang, and waits for dawn to launch his attack. He is prepared to kill to get the girl out and free from a life as a sex slave.

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  • Author: Simon Thould
  • On Submission
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Simon Thould

Simon L. Thould was born in Somerset, where he went to public school and played rugby and cricket with more enthusiasm than he studied. He later managed to qualify as a chartered surveyor and practised for twenty years in both public and private sectors in London and the south of England. He also worked as a restaurant and bar manager before moving with two black cats to a farmhouse in the mountains Andalucia for a year and a half. There he wrote his first novel. He moved back to the UK and worked as a resident housekeeper and groom in Kent and wrote his second novel. Then he relocated to...
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