• Icon buy book on microbes

    01 Sep 2023

    Icon have bought World English rights in Peter Forbes’s 7 Pillars of Bacterial Wisdom: How microbes made and can save the world

  • New Duncan Falconer to Reach

    01 Sep 2023

    Reach have bought world English rights in Duncan Falconer’s exciting memoir First into Action Again, a sequel to his Special Forces autobiography First into Action.

  • History Press buy The Secret Science of (Everyday) Life

    01 Sep 2023

    World English rights in The Secret Science of (Everyday) Life by Michael Banks have been bought by The History Pres.

  • Raft of deals in Arabic

    24 Aug 2023

    The agency’s new agency for Middle East, Bears Factor, has sold Arabic rights in the following titles:

    Catharine Arnold’s Pandemic 1918

    Nessa Carey’s Junk: A Journey Through the Dark Matter of the Genome and The Epigenetics Revolution

    The Girl With No Name: The Incredible True Story of the Girl Raised by Monkeys by Marina Chapman with Lynne BBarrett-Lee

    Roger Crowley’s The Accursed Tower:: The Fall of Acre and the End of the Crusades and Constantinople: The Last Great Siege

    Peter Daughtrey’s Atlantis and The Silver City

    Stuart Smith;’s Otto Skorzeny: The Devil’s Disciple

    Queen Elizabeth II: The Oral History by Gerald and Deborah Strober

  • Recent Foreign Rights sales

    20 Jul 2023

    Estonia rights in Kitty’s Salon: Sex, Spying and Surveillance in the Third Reich by Urs Brunner, Julia Schrammel, NIgel Jones

    Estonian rights in Sean McMeekin’s Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II

    Polish rights in Danny Orbach’s Fugitives : A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War

  • New Lisa Stone to Harper Collins

    10 Jul 2023

    Harper Collins have bought world rights in Lisa Stone’s new psychological thriller Stranger Danger.

  • D Day deception book to Blake

    29 Jun 2023

    John Blake have bought world rights in Operation Bodyguard- the spies and lies that saved D-Day by Nigel Jones.

  • Bruce Lockhart biography to Elliott & Thompson.

    23 Jun 2023

    Elliott & Thompson have bought World English rights in James Crossland’s Rogue Agent: The Troubled Life and Dangerous Times of Robert Bruce Lockhart.

  • Recent Foreign Rights sales

    23 Jun 2023

    Japanese rights in Sean McMeekin’sA History of Communism From Theory to Practice

    Turkish rights in Sean McMeekin’s History’s Greatest Heist. : The Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks

    Greek and Chinese rights in Tony Spawforth’s What the Greeks did for us..

  • New Cathy Glass to Collins

    08 Jun 2023

    Harper Collins have bought world rights in Cathy Glass’s latest fostering memoir At Risk.