Casey Watson Biography

Casey Watson

Casey Watson has been a specialist foster carer for six years. During this time she has welcomed 14 difficult to place children into her home. Casey has spent the majority of her adult life working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes two years running behavioural units in schools.

Casey combines fostering with writing, usually late at night when the rest of the household are sleeping. Casey’s own son has Asperger’s Syndrome but is high functioning.

How I Found the Agency

I came across Andrew’s agency by typing into my computer’s tool bar ‘Top 10 UK literary agents’, Fortunately for me, the first name I saw was Andrew Lownie. After viewing his web site, and realising that his agency was right for my project, he was the only agent I submitted to. I am so pleased I did this. Andrew’s patience and support has been second to none, and he has given me the confidence to continue to write.