Andrew Lownie uses his expert knowledge in the publishing field to maximise the potential of his clients and build up their careers. Here Andrew Lownie, and some of his clients and guest columnists, share advice on a variety of topics to writers. Elsewhere on the site you can find a Frequently Asked Questions list on literary agents, as well as advice for submitting work to agents.


    14 Mar 2012

    Novelist Ian Simpson explains how he went about self-publishing his crime novel through Matador. In my light-hearted whodunit, Murder on Page One, literary agents are the victims and unpublished crime writers the suspects. I failed to find a company willing, at their expense, to transform my manuscript into a beautiful book and turned to self-publishing, which I prefer to call ‘collaborative publishing’. I wanted a company which would professionally produce and market a sellable book and approached Matador, which has been recommended in the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook for some time....Read more

  • Salutations

    15 Jan 2012

    Andrew Lownie continues his series of how recent submissions have addressed him. Hello dear Andrew, Dear Andrew Lownie and/or Associates, Hi Lonnie, Agent-In-Chief; Dear Mr Townie Dear Mrs Lownie, Dear Mr. Andrew; Greetings, The distinguished representative of The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Ltd! Hello! Hi <<&firstname>>, Dear Ms Agent; Good afternoon, Hey Andrew! To an 'agent' of the literary sort: Dear Reviewing Agent, Dear Agent, Dear Andrew Lownie and Team, Hi there Dear Andrew Lownie & Andrew Lownie Literary Agency, ...Read more

  • What Editors Want 2012

    10 Jan 2012

    Twenty five editors have kindly explained what they are looking for this year giving a fascinating insight into the commissioning mind. Hugh Andrew, Managing DIrector, Birlinn What you want is usually to be surprised ie it's what you didn’t think you wanted that ends up being the success. However what interests me, as always, are books which are focussed on alternative views of how we should live our lives and are also focussed on community and local identity. I am also always enthusiastic about top class non fiction – whether illustrated or not. Of course we tend to have a Sc...Read more

  • What the Dickens...

    25 Dec 2011

    Ah, coincidence... from Dickens to Didion it's the meat and drink of the writer's art. Even readers know that. But what they don't know - and we do - is just how big a role it plays before we begin to write the story. It matters not at all whether our specialty is fiction, memoir, non-fiction or even fantasy, the moment we start researching a new book the coincidences arrive thick and fast. A newspaper article on your subject opens an unexpected door the very day you begin; a randomly selected television program supplies a vital link; friends have relatives at the heart of the matter; ev...Read more

  • Addressing Me

    15 Oct 2011

    Andrew Lownie continues his series of terms of address from recent submissions. Dear submission reader, To the literary agents at Andrew Lownie Dear Sir Andrew Lownie Dear sie Publisher Dear Editor, Dear Andrew and team, Dear HR Department, Hi Mr. Poma Good morning, Dear Good afternoon, Hi dear, Dear Andrew Literary Agency Master Lownie: Greetings, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Hello, sir or mam To The Concerned Person Hi guys Dear friends, Dear Andrew and Colleagues, To Whom It May Concern Hello Dear Art Director Dea...Read more

  • How I found the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency (part 7)

    14 Oct 2011

    A further selection of entries from author pages on how they came to the agency which may provide useful tips on how to find an agent. DEBORAH McDONALD I am afraid there is nothing clever or witty to say about how I found the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency. It was simply a case of opening the ‘Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’ and looking for an agency that dealt with historical biography. This one fit the bill admirably so I began to subscribe to the Newsletter, which confirmed my hunch. I contacted Andrew who liked what I was doing. SEAN McMEEKIN I was contacted by an agent fo...Read more