Christian Jennings Biography

Christian Jennings

Christian Jennings is a British writer and freelance foreign correspondent, and the author of eight works of non-fiction. Since 1994, across twenty-three countries, he has been writing books and journalism on international current affairs, history, science and subjects such as war crimes investigations, for publications and news organisations ranging from The Economist and Reuters to WiredThe Daily Telegraph, and The  Scotsman.  He has been based variously in Sarajevo, Pristina, Belgrade, Kigali, Bujumbura,  Skopje, Nairobi and Geneva. He now lives in Turin.

Among his eight books, three are about the Second World War and its aftermath. At War on the Gothic Line: Fighting in Italy 1944-45, and Flashpoint Trieste: First Battle of the Cold War were published recently in Great Britain, the US, Italy and Commonwealth territories. His latest work of non-fiction is The Third Reich is Listening: Inside German Codebreaking 1939-45, published in 2018 by Osprey in the UK and US, with foreign rights sold in Italy, China, the Czech Republic and Romania. The next book in progress is The Vanishing Nazis: how the SS got away with mass murder in Italy, which is on submission.

He comes from a strong literary and artistic family: his father, a WWII cavalry officer wounded outside Eindhoven in Holland in 1944, and subsequently decorated by King George VI, went on to become a prep school headmaster. Christian has ten brothers and sisters, including the sculptor Martin Jennings and the critic, author and fisherman Luke Jennings. His family are respectively based in London, Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Oxford, Herefordshire and Yangon.