Christian Jennings Biography

Christian Jennings


Christian Jennings is a British author and foreign correspondent, and the author of ten non-fiction books of modern history and current affairs. These include the acclaimed The Third Reich is Listening: Inside German Codebreaking 1939-1945, the first comprehensive account in English of German wartime cryptanalysis. His latest book is The Holocaust Codes: Decrypting the Final Solution. He has lectured for Bletchley Park on German codebreaking, and from 1994-2012 he spent fifteen years reporting for newspapers and TV on international current affairs and complex war crimes investigations, including genocide and its aftermath, across twenty-three countries in the Western Balkans and Africa. 

Among his other books, four are about the Second World War and its aftermath. Syndrome K: How Italy Resisted the Final Solution, Anatomy of a Massacre: How the SS got away with war crimes in Italy, At War on the Gothic Line: Fighting in Italy 1944-45, and Flashpoint Trieste: First Battle of the Cold War  were published variously in Great Britain, the US, Italy, Commonwealth territories, China and the Czech Republic.  

He comes from a strong literary and artistic family: his father, a WWII cavalry officer wounded outside Eindhoven in Holland in 1944, and subsequently decorated by King George VI, went on to become a prep school headmaster. Christian has ten brothers and sisters, including the sculptor Martin Jennings and the critic, author and fisherman Luke Jennings. His family are respectively based in London, Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Oxford, Herefordshire and Lisbon.