• Biography of inspiration for George Smiley sold

    13 Aug 2012

    Michael Jago’s life of the MI5 agent and novelist John Bingham: The Man Who Was Smiley has been bought by Biteback

  • Sunday Mirror run extract from Penny Sweets & Cobbled Streets.

    12 Aug 2012

    The Sunday Mirror ran an extract today from Nanny Pat’s memoirs Penny Sweets & Cobbled Streets. The book is published by Pan on 16 th August.

  • Little Prisoners is no 20

    12 Aug 2012

    Casey Watson’s Little Prisoners remains in the top twenty paperback non-fiction .

  • Living Life the Essex Way remains at no 3

    08 Aug 2012

    Living Life the Essex Way remains at no 3 for another week.

  • City of Fortune is Sunday Times 'Paperback Pick of the Week'.

    06 Aug 2012

    Congratulations to Roger Crowley whose City of Fortune was Sunday Times ‘Paperback Pick of the Week’.

    “The rise and fall of the Most Serene Republic of Venice is one of the most dazzling and extraordinary in history, and Crowley makes a wonderfully eloquent guide. The story, from Ascension Day 1000 to around 1500, is a large and diffuse one, but Crowley is such a natural narrative historian, with such an eye for colourful, telling details and such a knack for dramatic character sketches, that he is a constant joy to read.”

  • Andrew Lownie column in Words with Jam

    02 Aug 2012

    Andrew Lownie’s latest column at Words with Jam can be found on

  • Little Prisoners is no 15

    02 Aug 2012

    Casey Watson’s memoir Little Prisoners remains in the paperback non-fiction charts at no 15.

  • Living Life the Essex Way is Sunday Times number 3

    01 Aug 2012

    Living Life the Essex Way has stormed up the best seller charts again with the start of the new series.

  • Juliet Barker's Brontes picked by Publishers Weekly as one of best new books of week

    31 Jul 2012

    Publishers Weekly has chosen as one of the Best New Books for the Week Juliet Barker’s updated edition of her landmark 1994 biography of the Brontes just published by Pegasus saying:

    Barker (former curator of the Brontë Parsonage Museum at Haworth) expansively narrates the story of a family that left an indelible mark on literary history… Barker restores a rich context to the writers and their works by recounting their education, creative collaborations, and frustrated love lives. Most fascinating is Barker’s attention to the pseudonymous publication and reception of the Brontës’ first poems and novels. The sensitive and elegant writing stimulates genuine pathos for the doomed family, and this volume is sure to remain the most readable scholarly standard for years to come.

  • UK & US rights sold in critical study of psychiatry

    31 Jul 2012

    James Davies’s Cracked: The unhappy truth about psychiatry, which does for psychiatry what Ben Goldacre has done for science, has been sold to Icon in UK and Pegasus in the USA.