When You Were Mine
Rosie Lewis

When You Were Mine

When a single mother takes on the tech company responsible for her mother's death, the digital leaches into reality, with heartbreaking consequences. 


Tess Laine loses her mother and gives birth to her son, Jack, in the space of a single week. In a spiral of grief and post-natal depression, the Londoner becomes convinced that the care home where her mother died is hiding incriminating evidence.


A referral to social services triggers her admission to a mother and baby home in north Norfolk, run by the Harlow Institute. Tess is given eighteen weeks to prove herself a viable parent for Jack, or he'll be placed in foster care.

It's here that Tess discovers a terrible secret, one that could lead to uncovering not just what happened to her mother, but a massive international conspiracy poised to change what it means to be human.

As Tess attempts to expose the truth behind the Harlow Institute, she is forced to make a choice between changing the course of the future, or protecting her newborn son. 

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  • Author: Rosie Lewis
  • On Submission
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Rosie  Lewis

Rosie Lewis

Rosie Lewis has been a full-time foster carer for almost two decades. She has welcomed more than a hundred children into her home during this time. Some stayed only a night or two, others became part of the family and remained for several years.   Rosie is also an adopter and has a special interest in communication with the deaf and attachment disorders. She lives in the north of England with her three children.
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